Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a long, long time ago

We got up before the sun one morning and drove out to an airport in far eastern Mesa. We boarded a plane and eventually landed in Rockford, Illinois. The baggage claim was right next to the rental car counter. So within 10 minutes we had our bags and the keys to our car. We then drove for a while and ended up at one of the most delicious places you could ever hope to end up - Portillo's!

The looks and smells were divine.

I am not sure if the children were delighted to be at an historic place across the street from my Jr. High. Or if they were just delighted with the prospect of lunch.

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Sally Morrison said...

I could bring you a paper bag from Portillos when I come next week. It would still have the aroma.

Wendy said...

SO Jealous!! LOVE me some Portillos!!