Friday, November 9, 2012

home of the brave

Get ready, this isn't my typical blog post. Crazy child antics and darling photos will come again, soon.

Our country is one divided this week. There are many citizens roaming around with hurt feelings and many more just uncertain what will come next. There has even been talk about "why don't we just divide the country - reds with their president of choice and blues with their president of choice."

Really?? Have we really come to that point? Are we so full of hurt and division that we can't see what we really have? Can we not see we are blessed with a voice? Blessed with rights and liberties many other citizens of the world can't even dream of?

I think the best way to quickly remedy these feelings is to get yourself to your nearest elementary school's Veteran's Day parade and program. As the children recite, "indivisible, for liberty and justice for all," it may just hit you that our Founding Fathers knew and planned for a nation comprised of citizens with diverse opinions and backgrounds; and yet set up parameters and means of government so all would be united in a common cause - Liberty and Freedom.

At this program you may also realize that these children, proudly waving their flags and singing patriotic songs with fervor are the future of this nation. These children - from different backgrounds with unique family situations, full of pride of their ancestry, firm in their beliefs - these children are our future. These children know and are learning about the history of this nation and the legacy they have inherited. They are proud of their country, proud of those that serve our country, and look forward to the future when they too will lead and serve this nation.

So what kind of country are we going to leave them? Are we just going to let our divisions blind us to join the larger World of Hurt, or are we going to remember that we are the Home of the Brave and live in the Land of the Free?

My children will know that this their legacy and their future is one full of promise and freedom if it is met with kindness and bravery.

Thank you to all who have served our nation, and all who still serve. One Captain at our program today is just days away from deployment to Afghanistan. He will miss out on another holiday season with his grandchildren. His grandson walked with him in the parade today, and there is no doubt that he understands what service and sacrifice means.

Do we know what it means?


Evalynn said...

Beautifully written. I couldn't agree with you more.

Linds said...

Very well said! I completely agree!!!

sistyugler said...

Hear! Hear!