Wednesday, January 16, 2013


More Disney. I know - you are overly thrilled, aren't you.

Grace had a fortuitous meeting with Cinderella. The lines to meet the characters are ridiculous. However, one feels immense excitement when one sees a princess saunter down the road from her photo op to her place in the parade. Magic run-ins are the best.

Jimmy loved the merry-go-round(s). It was difficult to pass anything resembling a merry-go-round without having to actually ride it. I suppose merry-go-rounds float 6 year old's boats.

Here is a picture of a Small World decked out for the holidays. So fun to see. The line for it was more than 60 minutes long. We decided we could sing the song ourselves while standing in line for another ride and call it good.

 We opted for the classic Autotopia. I must confess I was impressed with Grace's driving skills.

Be excited. There is more Disney to come...

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