Thursday, January 10, 2013

one morning in the happiest place on earth

Remember when Santa gave us tickets to Disneyland? We decided to cash them in right away. I thought our first stop would be Carsland, but apparently that was not the crew's first choice. When they saw a water ride (at 50 degrees or so) at 8:30 in the morning with no line, they were all for it!

They got soaked!

And they had a pleasureable time doing so.
Apparently Jimmy had so much fun he had decided he wasn't going to get out of the ride and just go again.

Our next stop was Paradise Pier. We rode the giant Mickey Ferris wheel. One would not expect the Ferris wheel to be so fun, but seeing as this is the Happiest Place on Earth, it was surprisingly fun.

Once we adjusted to walking on land, we trekked over to Carsland. I will just stop right now and say, I love Carsland. I would be most happy to believe it is a real place. I also wouldn't mind spending the night in the Cozy Cone, but I do think that having Mater as a neighbor would be entertaining and cause for wearing ear plugs all at the same time.

We rode some fun rides and admired the scenery.


And of course we met all kinds of Cars friends and even managed to prevent Jimmy from getting run over by Mater.

An excellent morning if there ever was one.

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