Tuesday, January 8, 2013

south carolina lovin'

2012 also brought me (and Nate) to beautiful Charleston, SC. After all the hoo-rah and to-do over Thanksgiving, it was a gift to come to this beautiful city and rest and indulge oneself with exquisite seafood.

We paddled a little row boat through a swamp.
Doesn't sound picturesque, but oh it was!
What a beautiful morning.

I got to visit one of my most favorite places,
the Avenue of Live Oaks. So pretty.
And I toured some lovely plantation gardens.

I also walked the The Battery. 
I just love a good ocean breeze, don't you?

An unexpected treat was watching the sunset over the
Ashley River from our hotel room.

The most fantastical place we ate was Magnolias.
I still dream of our dinner there. Mmmmmmmmm

We went to the beach and my otolaryngologist played like an ornithologist. I can't tell you how many different species of birds we saw, but he can!
The water was gorgeous. Why isn't there a beach in Arizona? I so wish there was.
Thanks, Charleston! Your hospitality is generous, your history is rich, and your seafood is delectable.

We were some happy tourists, that's for sure!

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Kristin said...

Wow...BEAUTIFUL. How fun. Glad you guys are always keeping it real. Bring on 2013.