Saturday, February 2, 2013

snow day

What happens when 4 cousins from Arizona see snow in Utah?

The demand to play in the snow at all times and all places (even at the burial of their great-grandfather because "hey, there's snow at the cemetery!")

We fortunately had a day that they could partake in the snow. It was during our visit to Grandmother Darling's house (that is really what I call her, because she truly is darling - you will see her soon)

To those of you living in a snowy climate would say, "these poor kids, there isn't much snow at all."

But our kids would (and did) say, "Look at ALL the SNOW!!!!"

The Dads decided the kids needed to be schooled on the proper making of a snowman. So when they finished their inside job for Grandmother Darling (a kitchen faucet repair, Grandpa Beck would be so proud), they came out and schooled the children.

Then I made them all stand nicely in front of the snowman to take a picture.

Then they made "chilly" faces.

It was then time to bring Grandmother Darling out of the house to see her new lawn adornment.

She rather liked it.

I do too. And for those of you wondering why the snowman has weird ears on top of his head, it is because the snowman ended up being Hobbes. All of the children have been ferociously reading Calvin and Hobbes and were greatly influenced by Calvin's artistic and creative snowman building skills.

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