Saturday, March 23, 2013

ski break

Since we live in the desert, we choose to spend our spring break away from the Spring-Breakers here. Instead we go where its cold.

This time we elected to try our luck (and limbs) and ski.

A lot of our day looked like the above picture. Not much of our day looked like this picture:

After lessons for both children we concluded
1.) Just because your parents get engaged (15 years ago, btw) while skiing does not mean that you will love to ski as much as they do (or did)
2.) Driving only 2 hours to your ski vacation is much better than driving 12 hours, especially since the majority elected not to ski the next day
3.) One should ALWAYS where sunscreen EVERYWHERE the sun may kiss them
4.) Nate should absolutely treat himself to a real day of skiing sometime
5.) On the day of his snow treat, I should treat myself to the spa

It was true spring skiing - the temps got up to the upper 50s.

The snow became mush and slush.

After a while Jimmy called it a day.

He decided to get his groove on in his ski boots.

I decided to admire the view.

Flagstaff is sure a pretty place, but its snow is certainly not "The Greatest Snow on Earth."

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Emily S. said...

FUN idea for a non-AZ vacation! I miss skiing....