Thursday, April 18, 2013

a simpler time would be nice

The world is nuts. And these darlings are growing up in it. The messages they receive at school, on the play ground, in the cafeteria, while waiting in line for class are often negative and dark.

This week has been full of some eye-opening situations.

We try so hard to keep our home a safe place for these guys. A place where they can be themselves and do their thing and not worry about all that junk out in the world. Perhaps our home is rather old-fashioned. One may even suggest a trend toward Mayberry (though there is no Aunt Bea in sight).

Please, darlings, retain your innocence. Please always love to play with your Pokemon cards. Please always be more interested in birds of prey, in radio waves, in your argument whether Infinity is a true number or not, instead of all of that cattiness that seems to be prevalent on the playground. Please continue to fight over who gets to read Calvin and Hobbes first. Please still love Phineas and Ferb. Please ask us about chromosomes and Shakespeare and argue the pros and cons of the metric system verses the English system of measurement. Please dig for dinosaur bones in the yard. Please swing in the hammock and hunt for lady bugs. Please ask me to make cookies. Please sneak a bit of dough when I'm not looking. Please tell me your jokes, your dreams, and your fears.

And please know that You are special, that Mom and Dad are so happy You are in our lives and are our child. Please always remember You are a Child of God.

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Evalynn said...

Beautifully written. Tears in my eyes right now.