Saturday, April 27, 2013

things actually said by the people I love

This week (very much like all the other weeks of our lives) was full of interesting conversations. Here for your reading pleasure is a list of what was said and who said it.

1. While helping Grace and her friend with the Invention Project, Nate said, "Well [girls], you certainly have assembled this in a very interesting manner." I think what he was referring to was the interesting manner in which their 5th grade minds put together what his doctor mind could not comprehend.

2. While running a late errand to the hardware store (yes, you are right, it was to get a necessary item for the assembly of The Invention), Grace asked Nate if they could stop at the library "real quick." I had already asked them not to do so because it was late (and because there was some serious assembly remaining on the project). Nate said "no, because Mom already asked us not too." And then Grace responded with, "Is she your mom too?" 

I sense some sass in that one...

Jimmy has been playing catcher lately. I think he may have a future as the next Yadier Molina. He however feels differently (and I quote),"Dad, this catcher's costume is very uncomfortable."

And as for me? I never say anything silly...



Evalynn said...

Is she your mom too? That's pretty great.

sarah said...

Here is a response to this post from Nana:
I just read your blog and just about lost it when sweet, innocent Gracie asked her Dad if you were his mom too when told they couldn’t do something she wanted. Oh guys have a future attorney on your hands. Debate classes.....look out!!!!