Wednesday, May 15, 2013

an evening of culture

Did you know we have a clarinetist? We used to have a flautist. Then we had a French horn-ist.  They are all good.

Because of this delight, we get to attend elementary band concerts. They are super fun. 

We are sure to bring our Cougar pride with us. This causes us to think crazy thoughts like, "maybe she'll play in the Cougar Band one day."

If that's the case I would end up living vicariously through my daughter. I've read it is not good to live vicariously through one's children. Looks like we'll have to hope for the Symphony instead. 

She's well on her way. You can pretend she's First Chair if you like. That's what I did.

But I'm her mom, and she's always First Chair to me.
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