Thursday, July 25, 2013

hilarity ensues

We have overcome our battle of the invaders. We are beyond grateful.

Moving on - Nate and I each spoke in church on Sunday. We of course were awesome (as if we would be anything else).

These are some of the moments from that Sunday meeting I found hilarious:

1. The fact that Nate had once been in the Bishopric came up. Later on Grace asked why on earth we didn't ever inform her of that information. Well, we figured she already knew because she was there.

2. Nate discussed the Apostle Paul. Jimmy asked me if this was in fact Paul Revere.

3. Nate said that the Apostles are not out of touch. Even though some are in their 80s, they maintain various social media outlets including Twitter. He said that Grace often thinks he is out of touch because he mixes up the four members of One Direction. Grace yelped, "What?!?!", (as only Grace can do during his talk) and then proceeded to turn brighter pink than her magenta dress. After the meeting she met Nate on the stand and informed him that there are actually five members of One Direction.

Out of touch, indeed.

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Sally Morrison said...

So many things to keep track of, poor Nate.