Friday, August 16, 2013

the first full week

Today is Friday. We are all grateful. We have made it through the first full week of school.

We've had the usual expected adventures with the start of school:
shoe tying complications
lost lunch box
new friends
new drama-rama
new crushes
new interests
new recess happenings
new teachers and their idiosyncrasies
new bus route
hot temps. exceeding 108 (too hot!)

And some unexpected adventures:
One child decided it would be a good idea to practice whistling in class. Please keep in mind this child has not even come close to mastering a whistle. For some reason the teacher did not appreciate this. Nor did she appreciate the fact that this child had very important ideas to express in line. So important the ideas needed to be expressed right then and there. These ideas were most likely about baseball or Pokemon. Or both.

Another child was reprimanded for reading too fast and too far. The teacher said that no one could read that fast. I am thinking this teacher is not familiar with Evelyn Wood. I am also thinking that if a child is asked to read a novel that they have previously devoured, it is absurd to insist they read only the first 25 pages and then sit and wait. And do nothing.

Perhaps this child should have used the extra time perfecting their whistle as the other child did.

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