Tuesday, August 6, 2013

this just in

A dang bird.

It came in my house. In MY house.

It came in when the ornithologist was operating on someone at the hospital.

It came in because it was actually cooler outside than inside and was pouring rain, so I opened the doors. It was nice until the dang bird came in.

The dang bird is gone. I stood on a ladder with our long-handled pool skimmer. Somehow the bird managed to convince itself to stay still with its creepy claws clinging to the edge of the skimmer while I slowly eased it out the open door. Then the children quickly closed the doors.

Ironically we introduced our family theme for the school year last night: "We can do hard things."



Evalynn said...

Have you seen the Modern Family episode where Mitch and Cam have a bird visitor? One of my favorites. I read your story with opera playing in my head.

Sally Morrison said...

Oh the irony...remember the bird incident one Thanksgiving (and I don't mean the turkey)!