Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Summer has officially come, as it is now summer break. We kicked it off right with a trip to the Grand Canyon.

It is really big.

Today was the first day of summer day camp, not quite sure why the word camp is used as it is a three hour class the children get to go to a few days a week for a few weeks.

Jimmy's is Masterpieces. This involves messy painting and other artwork all the while studying a letter of the day and doing corresponding yoga moves to emphasis the letter. He digs painting and loves letters. I'm sure he'll get over the yoga.

Miss Grace is now in summer term at Hogwarts. Thankfully Hogwarts has a campus in a town nearby (and thankfully that campus shares rooms where Jimmy's summer camp is - whew). She received a letter in the mail (at least we think it was mail, there was no evidence of an owl delivery). It was addressed in a toned-down version of calligraphy and had a wax seal on the back. The letter of course was on parchment.

As the students enter their classroom they each have to say, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." And when they leave they have to say, "Mischief managed."

They also played Spell Tag today. Have you ever played before? The children yell "Stupify" as they tag one another and those tagged become toads. Someone needs to do a leapfrog over the stupified toad to unstupify the tagged kid.

It is awesome.

I hope your summer is awesome too. Let me know if you get anything delivered by owl.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

going home

For weeks Grandma has been in and out of the hospital with some in between time at a nursing home. Her great plan was to make it home by Mother's Day. And she did.

Grandma passed away Friday evening. As patient as Grandpa always is, I'm sure he was grateful she finally came. I love this picture of them (above) taken in 1941 on the streets of Chicago. Arm-in-arm, he listening to every word she said, and she saying a LOT of words.

Three Interesting Things:
1. I loved hearing the stories of the two of them and their social life. They would often hit the strip clubs with their friends, probably when she was about my age. Apparently that's just what one would do with one's spouse and friends on a Saturday night. They loved banging the little hammers on the table and chanting, "Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!" Makes me rethink our current social life and date night. Nate, do you have any little hammers lying around? We might need 'em.

2. She only had one kidney. One time, many years ago in the hospital, a resident came into her room, all very earnest-like and said, "Um, well, excuse me. But did you know you only have one kidney?!" Without blinking an eye her reply was, "Well what did you do with the other one?!" And then she laughed. I think eventually he laughed too.

3. She and her sisters swear that their father's second wife killed him. And then she ran off with his car. Its like a true-life Agatha Christie, right in my family.

I really hope the Cubs make it through this year. She's only been able to cheer them on for a few weeks of the season. The remainder of this season must be done without their most ardent fan cheering them on and sharing "encouraging words" from her comfortable chair in her living room.

Grandma, you'll truly be missed down here. But I can only imagine what you and your sisters are gossiping about and what your latest schemes are. And I'm so happy your Steady is there to be by your side. Just be sure the two of you stay out of trouble!

Love you