Wednesday, May 21, 2008

newsie news

Anyone ever been to San Diego? I've been there once and I must say it was quite lovely (to prove it, I posted these pictures). If you're interested in visiting SD, wait at least 13 months or so because by then we'll be there! We found out this morning that Nate matched in their Pediatric Otolaryngology program for the 2009-2010 year (that would be July to July). We're pretty excited and I'm only minorly terrified (y'see it is a far cry from my midwestern roots but they do have fablous Mexican food and living by the ocean has to has its perks, right?). So now you know our newsie news. Feels good to be in the loop, huh?,

watch out, here she comes

And so it goes and then it went, our year of Kindergarten. Our big night was last night and Grace was in fine form. She said to one of her fellow graduates, "Y'know, this reminds me of our college graduation." Oh, if only college graduations are as cute and short as this one was! But at least she's got goals, right? Its hard to say which part she was most thrilled about - her "graduation hat", the "golden metal" she got (each kid got a medal instead of a paper diploma), the fact that her Salsie and Pops came, her surprise at Nate being there ("Daddy, I can't believe you aren't at the hospital!!"), or our celebratory trip to Cold Stone (where she marched right in and told EVERYBODY there that she just graduated from Kindergarten). It was a sweet night and I just can't believe that she's growing up so fast!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

future career

Grace has decided to be "An ENTF (that's Ear Nose Throat & FACE) Veterinarian." She'd also like to work for The Cardinals and be an ENTF/Vet for the player's animals. No doubt it will be a demanding career, so she decided to begin preparations early. The other day she did a heart replacement on her dog, amazingly the surgery took a matter of minutes and of course the dog has an incredible prognosis. I think so far Jimmy's future career will be in extreme cuteness and maybe competitive Cheerio eating.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Today is one of those days. I could be fuming mad that my car is sitting in a repair shop, or I could be thankful I was able to get all of my errands done this morning and have Grace at school before it decided not to start again. I could also be grateful that a repair shop is just across the street from school and all the Kindergarten moms are more than happy to help me and James get home, get Grace from school, take her to a birthday party for a classmate this evening, etc. So I guess I'll go with feeling Grateful instead of Fuming because it just feels a little better.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

the rest of the trip

As Kindergarten graduation is fast approaching (Tuesday) I realize I'd better post the remainder of our spring break trip before it isn't technically spring any more!

While on our trek we discovered the Berlin Wall (or at least a section of it - which I must say was rather moving, I wasn't expecting to have feelings about it, but I did. I suppose I could blog about that at a future date) and the Church of St. Mary. A church you say, big deal! Well, yes it is a big deal as this is a 12th century church from the middle of London. Crazy the things you find in Missouri!

We also found the Bass Pro shop in Springfield. Quite a place. If you haven't every been there once, you owe yourself a visit. (Even if it is just to put on a camo bathrobe, to sit in a camo recliner, and read a bow and arrow magazine for just a minute so your spouse can take a picture of you!)

There are beauties to behold inside (like underground) and outside (like on a nature hike). We did both such things in the Branson area (thankfully we did not venture into any shows as the only shows Jimmy cares for involve Cars or Buzzlightyear). Everyone enjoyed a view through their 'noculars' (that's what Jimmy calls 'em).

All in all, we learned about the treasures of our state, survived a few days in Branson, and really had some nice family bonding time. So much so that we can't wait for spring break next year!