Thursday, January 31, 2008

happy pink-tastic birthday

Yesterday was a momentous day. It was full of pink and wonder. It was a day all about being 6. The day began before 7 a.m. (because after-all, six is before seven, right?) when Grace came to tell me (in a most excited manner) that indeed her legs were longer than they were the day before. Then after I finally brought myself to consciousness, she demonstrated that she now was a faster runner than she had been before. Dressed from head to toe in pink, we headed to school for Lunch Bunch. Grace bounded into the school office and said (to the school director, secretary and two teachers), "Hey Guys! Guess what?! I have great news!" Then following a dramatic pause she proclaimed, "I'M SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And really how much better can it get from there? Later on, I joined the class for a special birthday Snack Time (and the delicacies chosen by the Birthday Girl - "Nacho Chips" (Doritos) and some Nasty Pink Lemonade (Mmm, it is amazing the difference between the taste buds of a six year old and her mother). A good friend of mine, Kara, came over in the afternoon to decorate the cake she made. As you can see from the pictures it was a work of art. After Nate came home we played some party games (well, one really), sang, ate cake, and of course opened presents.

Monday, January 28, 2008

the latest from grace and the rest of us

Grace continues to surprise me with the crazy things she says. Here are two of her latest:
1. I told her this morning that President Hinckley passed away last night. Her response, "Oh no! Not Again!"
2. Later on this morning she informed me that she really, truly does need a "transmographier." Thanks Calvin, Thanks Hobbes.

Life has been very busy. Nate has been working obscene hours and many weeks has only seen the kids a few times. He is so tired and so am I. My church responsibilities have been a bit overwhelming lately as well, but things seem to be calming down. And of course, like many of you I am sure, we've been fighting off (though unsuccessfully) Bad Colds. I can tell you at least how grateful I am to Tylenol and Sudafed. Gracie turns 6 this Wednesday and around that time Nate's schedule should become more "normal" again (meaning we'll get to see him sometimes). Until then, I think I'll just laugh at the Gracisms and enjoy Jimmy's silly antics.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

super who?

Grace has a new crush. He is "handsomer and even more stronger" than Daddy. And he likes to read. He is Super Why (aka Whyatt from the PBS show, Super Why, click here to see him - he's the one with the green mask). Apparently it is quite a show for the younger set, Jimmy loves it too. He keeps walking around the house saying, "Uper Y?"

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Nate had 5 whole days off (amazing) at Christmas and it was hard to tell who loved it more - him, the kids, or me. I guess we all won, huh?
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Can you believe we went to the zoo the day after Christmas?! It wasn't too cold and we had a great time.
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Happy Christmas

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dancing queen

Grace had to test out her new boots from the Big Guy.
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pjs from the elves

It was amazing, those Christmas elves found us right here at our house and delivered pjs just in time to go to bed on Christmas Eve. Grace was astounded to find the presents on our porch with their names on them and even more so to find they were from "The Elves, 123 Workshop Place, North Pole". Our neighbors could hear her squeal inside their closed house.
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A cold one


It appears that at least one Wise Man was drinking on the job.
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Oh Christmas Tree

How I love thee in my diaper.
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Monday, January 7, 2008

catching up

I have spent too much time neglecting my blog. It has been very busy here for us and it probably always will. I'm posting a few pictures so you can see what we've been up to. In a nutshell - we had a great Christmas, just the 4 of us (Nate even had a few days off!), the kids and I then went up to visit my parents and my grandmother (who was in visiting from South Carolina - by the by, she and Grace got along swimingly and I would say may in fact be cut from the same fabric), Grace went back to school after two long weeks of Christmas "Vacation" (really, is it a vacation when both the parents and child wish that school was in session?), and today it was 72 degrees (compare that to single digits from last week) and we went to the part after school. How are all of you?