Thursday, December 31, 2009

way to end things

We certainly know how to end the year with a bang. Two bangs in fact (but I'll tell it to you in three):

1. Not only do I have pneumonia, I also have acute bronchitis. Who knew my bronchi were so cute! I have tons of lovely meds to take and thankfully my live-in doctor explained to me how to use them, because my doctor I saw today certainly did not. She also decided I did not have pneumonia and said "you go and have a chest x-ray and I'll prove to you that you are not sick. You don't look sick." Can I help how vivacious I look? No. Forgive me for putting on real clothes and make-up to go out in public, Ms. Doctor, whom I am not excited to follow-up with in the next two weeks. As it turns out, the radiologist did find that there was in fact pneumonia. Hmph.

2. Nate is on call beginning last night all the way to Monday morning. We knew this was coming because he was off for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is generally no problem, we just make no serious plans and are flexible. Having two cars makes this a little more liveable, but...

3. Ooops. While getting off the ramp to come home this afternoon, Nate's car decided it was done and completely stopped working. This is the car we acquired during our famous car incident in 2007. It currently has its bumper held up with industrial-strength twisty-ties (Nate is confident this has nothing to do with the car's refusal to work). AAA came and towed her away. We're hoping whatever it is, she can be coaxed into working for the next 6 months. Otherwise we'll have to make some rash decisions, and you know how much we love to do that.

Needless to say, we are ready to welcome 2010. In fact I think we're having New Year's Day dinner tonight, instead of tomorrow - just to show the New Year how wonderful we think it will be. Its got to be the New Year somewhere, right?

Wishing all of you clear lungs, unrestricted bronchi, and cars that work,

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ocean-front property

In Arizona!!!

After much debate, many discussions, some fact-finding missions, a few treks across the desert, heart-burn, and early stages of pneumonia, we finally came to a conclusion. Any of the jobs we were contemplating would be fine, but only one would put us near family; and that is something we've wanted for years.

So sometime this coming summer (most likely in July) we'll be moving somewhere in the greater-Phoenix area (because that's what you want to be doing in Phoenix in the summer - moving in the 115 degree heat, right?) We're excited for this new chapter. In the meantime we'll remind you, you've got 6 more months to come and visit us in San Diego, after that you might as well come on over to the desert. I hear its blooming as a rose.

Monday, December 28, 2009

hot news

First of all - I'm on the mend.

Secondly - we've made The Decision.

Can you guess what it is?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the present

Yesterday, (after weeks of feeling not so good, coughing like crazy, but still determined to carry on because its Christmas y'know and someone has to do it (and do it right), and get the kids to their grandparents' house on Monday (which consisted of a 7 hour drive - I still think I deserve a medal for that one - it should say "I'm an over-determined Mom and you need to make me take a nap") I finally went to the doctor (they have those here in Phoenix) and after 3 minutes of being with me he said:

"You have pneumonia."

He also told me I coughed a rib out of place. Nice.

He then wrote me for some meds, including a zippy cough syrup that I am still hungover from (but it was worth it), and told me I should lay low.

Nate comes in tonight. He can do the rest of Christmas. And fortunately, he is very happy to do so. Jimmy is hanging out with his grandpa today (they went to the kids' gym and will run Christmas errands and probably eat chicken nuggets). Grace is at the Princess and the Frog with Nana. Later she'll meet up with my brother's family and have a sleepover with Jenna.

As for me, I'm finally going to take a nap.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

so tinsel

Grace and I saw the Nutcracker today! It was only planned yesterday and I am so thrilled we got to go. Grace loved it. During the Arabian Coffee movement she leaned over and in only a whisper that a kid could do (y'know, the kind the whole theater can hear) she said, "Mom, This Is AWESOME!!" And, well, it was.

We went to get our Mezzanine level tickets at the Will Call window. We were prepared with our binoculars. (I thought we'd appreciate them being in the second row of the balcony). The woman at the window said, "Do you want better seats? Just say yes." We got 5th row Center!!! We were so close I could see a thread hanging off a dancer's costume. It was fantastic! When we sat down I said to Grace that I had never had such good seats before, she leaned over and said, "Me neither!"

After the ballet they had a Sugar Plum Party where you could go and meet the dancers. We saw the darling Bon Bons, Clara and the Prince (Grace's favorite, I think her new career goals involve being Clara at some point), a Flower, Dew Drop, and the Sugar Plum Fairy! She told the Flower she thought she was a great dancer. She told Clara and the Prince she loved the show. And she told the Sugar Plum Fairy that she "did a pretty good job." Seriously, right before I took this picture she told the principal dancer that she did a "pretty good job." It was so tinsel.

Love it!
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the cut

This picture did not make the Christmas card. Its not the best picture of any of us, but its Nate's favorite. I think because it somehow sums up our little family so well.

We've been making some big decisions around here - mainly about the next step, the next job, and where we'll be. Each choice has great benefits. Each choice has consequences. Keep us in your prayers, won't you? We sure would appreciate it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

8 days of lights and potato pancakes

As many of you know, it is Hanukkah! To celebrate this ancient holiday, Nate thought it would be fantastic to make potato pancakes. I thought it only appropriate to serve a pork roast along side those fried latkes. I suspect this may embody any chutzpah I have. I hope this isn't blasphemous to any of my readers and that you might just say I'm a bit goyish.

I am on the mend, but have been stuck inside for far too long. This has given me ample opportunity to study the Yiddish handbook.


Friday, December 11, 2009

my boy

Jimmy has decided to sit by me and watch a movie. And he insists on holding my hand. This is making me feel less Grinchy by the minute.

The Grinch

I'm sorry to report to you Mr. Grinch has found his way into my home. Instead of stealing our decorations, he had pity on us, as we really don't have many. But instead he brought a doozy of a sinus infection. Its very hard to remain Christmas-y when I feel my head will burst into two. Its also hard to think of things to blog about other than how horrible I feel. If you find it in your heart, please entice the Grinch away from here. He's been here much too long and needs to go elsewhere (or at least have his change of heart pronto).

Friday, December 4, 2009

when daddy's away...

Poor Nate is freezing in Salt Lake this weekend. Some people are 'freezing' here in San Diego, too. Though I must point out these people are not us. Its been in the low to mid-sixties here and frankly I think its perfect. Lots of folks who live here though are putting on their parkas (for real). Many have turned on their heat. Our home has been a comfortable 65 and I love it.

To party on this Friday night in the absence of The Great Defender of Fun, the kids and I ordered pizza, have watched many an episode of Little Einsteins (well, I read a book instead), and washed it all down with a shared slice of chocolate cake (or brown cake, whatever you want to call it).

Tomorrow will involve wearing pajamas most of the morning, a Christmas movie, pizza leftovers, four fabulous hours either spent with a babysitter (if you are James or Grace) or Christmas shopping (if you are me), dinner with the other Pages in town, and hopefully some on time bedtimes for one and all.

What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the turkey did me in

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks has tired me out. I'm hoping to catch up soon.