Saturday, December 19, 2009

so tinsel

Grace and I saw the Nutcracker today! It was only planned yesterday and I am so thrilled we got to go. Grace loved it. During the Arabian Coffee movement she leaned over and in only a whisper that a kid could do (y'know, the kind the whole theater can hear) she said, "Mom, This Is AWESOME!!" And, well, it was.

We went to get our Mezzanine level tickets at the Will Call window. We were prepared with our binoculars. (I thought we'd appreciate them being in the second row of the balcony). The woman at the window said, "Do you want better seats? Just say yes." We got 5th row Center!!! We were so close I could see a thread hanging off a dancer's costume. It was fantastic! When we sat down I said to Grace that I had never had such good seats before, she leaned over and said, "Me neither!"

After the ballet they had a Sugar Plum Party where you could go and meet the dancers. We saw the darling Bon Bons, Clara and the Prince (Grace's favorite, I think her new career goals involve being Clara at some point), a Flower, Dew Drop, and the Sugar Plum Fairy! She told the Flower she thought she was a great dancer. She told Clara and the Prince she loved the show. And she told the Sugar Plum Fairy that she "did a pretty good job." Seriously, right before I took this picture she told the principal dancer that she did a "pretty good job." It was so tinsel.

Love it!
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Sally Morrison said...

Are there dance lessons coming in the future?
Sounds like you had an 'awesome' time!

Natty by Nature said...

That is so tinsel! Fifth row center - that's a Christmas miracle and I'm sure Santa had something to do this it. Tell Grace I'm thinking about a career change too. Ballerina it is!!

Ollievie said...

So cool!

Gina said...

Awww! It sounded magical!

Janelle Dobson said...

Oh so fun. I remember being in the nutcracker when I was a kid- I was a baby mouse in the fight scene. Very fun- I've loved it ever since.

Natalie said...

well if the sugar plum fairy isnt up to snuff, then SOMEONE has to be honest.

but it sounds like you had an AWESOME mommy/daughter date!

Becky said...

Hooray for Christmas and having such a magical time together! Merry Christmas!