Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the present

Yesterday, (after weeks of feeling not so good, coughing like crazy, but still determined to carry on because its Christmas y'know and someone has to do it (and do it right), and get the kids to their grandparents' house on Monday (which consisted of a 7 hour drive - I still think I deserve a medal for that one - it should say "I'm an over-determined Mom and you need to make me take a nap") I finally went to the doctor (they have those here in Phoenix) and after 3 minutes of being with me he said:

"You have pneumonia."

He also told me I coughed a rib out of place. Nice.

He then wrote me for some meds, including a zippy cough syrup that I am still hungover from (but it was worth it), and told me I should lay low.

Nate comes in tonight. He can do the rest of Christmas. And fortunately, he is very happy to do so. Jimmy is hanging out with his grandpa today (they went to the kids' gym and will run Christmas errands and probably eat chicken nuggets). Grace is at the Princess and the Frog with Nana. Later she'll meet up with my brother's family and have a sleepover with Jenna.

As for me, I'm finally going to take a nap.


Ollievie said...

Sleep well!

Hope you're on the mend quickly now that you have narcotics.

Jordan Page said...

OH MY GOSH Pneumonia??? SARAH! Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

Sally Morrison said...

You come from a determined family. Carry on until you drop. Glad you dropped in a good place. Hope you feel better. Love you lots...

The Lunts said...

Wow, I hope you feel better REALLY soon! I'll call you next week to chat.

Kristin said... are 'mother of the year', 'the most awesome person Iknow', and 'AMAZING'!! I cannot believe you made that drive, with pneumonia! You are my hero! (I think I tell you this a lot)! Rest up, take advantage of family...and have a Merry Christmas!!

Kev and Chels said...

that's impressive! coughing a rib out of place?! hope you feel better so you can enjoy the 25th!

H. said...

Pneumonia? Oh, Sarah! I'm glad you finally went the doc and will get on the mend soon. You are an amazing woman, you know that? And thanks for sharing a portion of your 7hr drive with me. Merry Christmas!!