Friday, December 11, 2009

my boy

Jimmy has decided to sit by me and watch a movie. And he insists on holding my hand. This is making me feel less Grinchy by the minute.


Anonymous said...

Lucky girl :)

GG/MOM/geny said...

I am sorry about Mr Grinch and his invasion of your home. I am back on antibotics too with sinus infection that has invaded chest a bit..Not as bad as when I was in Chicago the last two times..but really messed me up all of November..and when I saw Doctor on semi-annual I checked as "good shape,no meds." The thing is Sarah we forget to rest enough, to drink enuf fluids and so the toll gate opens with massive resuslts. Not pleasant ones. But this time I was smart..called the MD and started treatment right away..just two pills left:today and tomorrow. Eating fresh oranges, bananas,lots protien, bread, white and sweet potatoes, etc. I am eating, resting my way out of this
unwanted event. No temps for two days now.
Hand holding is great..but hope you scrub that chld's hand with germ killer weapons. Love you all. Grits-by-the-seaside-recovering..GG/MOM/geny