Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the turkey did me in

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks has tired me out. I'm hoping to catch up soon.


Brittany said...

Especially since you need to try to keep Jimmy's pants on. LoL! Get some much needed rest, because you need to jump on the Christmas bandwagon.

GG/MOM/geny said...

Me too. When Halloween arrives each year..I know why the nights get longer and the days shorter!!! We can rest more!!!Without daylight we cannot work as long, and with longer nights we can sleep early and late.
But then, I remember we were gifted with the invention of electric lights..and so I think it is not so bad to be totally past feeling, must less doing!!! Let the lights shine forever!!!
Much-love-from-your-grits-by-the-sea-with-stuffed-celery--turkey- and-ooddles-of-all-the-other- goodies..I-really-messed-up-eating-handfuls-of-homemade cinnamon-sugared-pecans.000XXXGG/MOM/geny