Wednesday, December 31, 2008

um, thanks?

Last week Nate and I took advantage of my parents and left them with the children. We went to the temple and then out to lunch. Our lunching was tasty (though the service was less than adequate and everything was a bit more pricey than it should have been, hence I am not leaving a recommendation), and as we were leaving we decided to pay the bill up front in the bakery (lest we wait forever more for our waitress). I must digress at this point and tell you we were dressed up - Nate in a jacket and tie and I wearing one of my favorite dresses (this one being a cool magenta/purple color with black trim, an empire waist, and what some may call cool "kimono-style" arms) okay back to the story...

Just as we approach the counter, a very stylish Frenchman (it was a French bakery/cafe) emerges from the back (with a huge diamond stud earring btw) and takes the bill from Nate. He smiles in my direction and I realize he is looking at my boobs.

He then says (in a very French accent): Con-gra-tu-la-ciones (congratulations)
I say: "um, thanks" (because it has just dawned on me he wasn't looking at my cleavage)
He says: "When are you due?"
I say: (realizing what is going on, and Nate of course is not quite sure what to say or do)
"Um, June?"
He says: "Iz theez your furst be-bea?" (is this your first baby, for those of you who don't read French Accent Translation)
I say: "Well, no actually it would be my third."
He says: something to the effect that I certainly do not look like someone who would be expecting their third child
I want to say: Well, there's a reason for that. But I don't. And we smile and say good-bye.
Outside, Nate still hasn't recovered from the conversation he witnessed.
He says: "You usually are a bad liar, but you did really good in there."
I say: "Thanks, I just didn't want him to feel bad. He was really excited for me."

ps. for those of you not sure - NO we are not expecting - YES that really did happen - NO for some reason my feelings were not hurt - YES I did make reference to it the rest of the day telling Nate I had to put my feet up, etc - YES it is funny so go ahead and laugh

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

trouble (times two)

You know that part of the song where it says, "Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again"? I'm there.
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we love these guys

My parents came to celebrate Christmas with us last week. Aren't they pretty cute?

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Monday, December 29, 2008

hope it was merry

We have recovered from our array of illnesses. In fact no one was sick on Christmas! What a gift. My parents came to town to visit and we had such a fun time. There are so many silly traditions we do, and maybe one day I'll tell you about them. But just know a good time was had by all.

Grace was thrilled when the Christmas Elves arrived (they come every year on Christmas Eve - we never get to see them, but they always ring the door bell and leave presents containing pjs. Its pretty awesome). Jimmy really didn't care to open any presents, but loved playing with his new toys once they were opened. One of his gifts came from Captain Underpants (as you may guess, the gift was a variety of manly underpants). Today he insisted on wearing all three pairs of Thomas the Train. This is a new chapter we're entering - I hope its short and we can bid our boxes of diapers good-bye quickly!

Merry Monday!

Monday, December 22, 2008

in spite of it all

Yes there was more sickness today. But I think we're past it all. Surprisingly, despite it all I feel kind of Christmasy. Do you?

Jimmy has been saying some cute stuff. I think I'll have to start a column just for him, any ideas what I should call it? Anyways, here they are:

Me: Jimmy you are Big Trouble.
Jimmy: I not-a Big Trouble. I-a Small Trouble.

I should note he often speaks with an Italian accent.

Me: Oooo Gracie, you have some big muscles. You are so strong!
Jimmy: Gracie not strong. Gracie smart.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

good intentions

I intended to go to church today, but didn't. Grace was sick - AGAIN - yesterday (yes, that equates more laundry). And though she was bouncing off the walls today we thought it best she not go to Primary. Jimmy hasn't really been sick, but he's got a leaky green nose - kind of gross, but true - so we thought it best to keep him away from all the other Nursery goers. Nate and I were going to tag-team church, but as it turns out he had to play the organ (hour number one) and teach a lesson (hour number three). So I was stuck at home. It wasn't too bad, but I feel like we've been stuck at home for days (and mind you the first day of Winter Break is tomorrow!)

In other news, I finally sent out my Christmas cards. Sadly there were a few addresses to double-check and then our computer decided to not function properly (we're talking Geek Squad, then Nate telling the Geek Squad (very politely) to save their Geekness unto themselves, then the U-Verse ATT people (one hour tech support on Friday, two hours last night (during the sad BYU bowl and by the way our tech was in the Philippines) and then an actual repair/tech support guy came to our house - TODAY which of course did not make it feel very Christmasy or Sundayish) so some of those cards have still not gotten out yet. And then for the ones that did get out, it was brought to our attention that at least one envelope arrived - EMPTY! So if you are in that boat, I am sorry. If you want a replacement, let me know.

As I have read over this post it to sound very un-Christmasy and very un-Sundayish. It is only 6:37, but I am considering going to bed in the next two hours, that way tomorrow I can make a more positive post (that is if I can get this computer to work again!)

Friday, December 19, 2008

just wait your turn

The last 8 days have not been the best in our house. Grace got sick. Then Jimmy got sick. Then Grace got sick again. Then (you probably guessed it) Jimmy got sick again. Then he stayed sick. Then he got mostly better - then I got sick. It has been awful and we should probably take out stock (if one does that anymore these days) in our laundry detergent company. Thankfully Nate was home early yesterday and took good care of the kidlets and one sick mama. I should point out that the kids are totally fine now, I'm doing much better, and Nate is hanging in there. Pray he doesn't get it too, would you?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

brown, the new christmas color

I feel like I am personally helping UPS stay afloat during these turbulant times. Red and green are the beautiful colors of Christmas, but I think brown - cardboard brown - really signifies the holidays have arrived (on your doorstep or someone else's).

Monday, December 15, 2008

and the winner is...

Kirsti! The contestants were assigned a number (1-4). The numbers were placed in a hat (Jimmy's hat to be exact). My lovely assistant (Grace, who happens to be home sick today) picked a number from the hat; and well, you can guess the rest.

But you are all winners in my book. To prove that to you, try this sometime this week and know that I'm thinking of you:

Kris’ Karmel Korn
do you like my sad sick over-use of alliteration?

Yummy and sticky, could be every dentist’s nightmare! I couldn't eat this while I had my braces on. Now I'm trying not to eat it too much!

2 cups brown sugar
1 cup corn syrup
1 can sweetend condensed milk
1 stick butter

Combine all ingredients and cook to soft-ball stage. Pour over 2-3 batches of popped popcorn, stirring to coat evenly.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


My bon appetit subscription is up and because I have delayed renewing it I am reaping the rewards. Not only will my renewal rate be an incredible deal, I get to give a gift subscription to anyone of my choice. Now, who shall I pick? If you want it, tell me about it in the comments and leave your email address (or at least some way that I can contact you). The winner will be randomly selected. You may be the lucky one! Yeah your right - everyone is a winner - just one person will be more winning-ly than the others this time!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my cookie crumbled

Tonight I began my Cookie Baking Marathon. Let's just say I didn't get off to a good start. Its amazing how wrong something can be, even if it is composed of butter and sugar. Here's to hoping the rest of my cookie baking adventures go much better!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

time flies in the county

I can't believe its already Thursday. I'm not sure where the time has gone. Some of the time was spent on a dash to West County (in STL they refer to the suburbs as "The County" and then they like to get specific about which part of the county) to see Gracie's eye doctor. Its a good thing we did, because we caught a little vision slip-up and things are now back on track. The crazy thing to me is that the doctor (well we see two of them, but the one in question - Dr. R) is based out of Children's Hospital (a mere 4 mile drive from our house), yet he has decided to see the majority of his patients in West County (a 28ish minute drive from our house). So I could either get Grace in to see him in WC on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. which would provide me an opportunity to delve into what some would call rush hour or we could see him at Children's in August!

The fortunate thing is that the WC office is located across the street from Pastries of Denmark. The unfortunate thing is that PofD decided to jump on the trendy bandwagon and implement a Cupcake Bar. The cupcakes are beautiful, but decidedly not good! I personally feel they should stick to their specialties, say Danish pastries?!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Mmmmm, they were good!
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