Sunday, December 21, 2008

good intentions

I intended to go to church today, but didn't. Grace was sick - AGAIN - yesterday (yes, that equates more laundry). And though she was bouncing off the walls today we thought it best she not go to Primary. Jimmy hasn't really been sick, but he's got a leaky green nose - kind of gross, but true - so we thought it best to keep him away from all the other Nursery goers. Nate and I were going to tag-team church, but as it turns out he had to play the organ (hour number one) and teach a lesson (hour number three). So I was stuck at home. It wasn't too bad, but I feel like we've been stuck at home for days (and mind you the first day of Winter Break is tomorrow!)

In other news, I finally sent out my Christmas cards. Sadly there were a few addresses to double-check and then our computer decided to not function properly (we're talking Geek Squad, then Nate telling the Geek Squad (very politely) to save their Geekness unto themselves, then the U-Verse ATT people (one hour tech support on Friday, two hours last night (during the sad BYU bowl and by the way our tech was in the Philippines) and then an actual repair/tech support guy came to our house - TODAY which of course did not make it feel very Christmasy or Sundayish) so some of those cards have still not gotten out yet. And then for the ones that did get out, it was brought to our attention that at least one envelope arrived - EMPTY! So if you are in that boat, I am sorry. If you want a replacement, let me know.

As I have read over this post it to sound very un-Christmasy and very un-Sundayish. It is only 6:37, but I am considering going to bed in the next two hours, that way tomorrow I can make a more positive post (that is if I can get this computer to work again!)


Katers said...

Hey Sarah,

I didn't go to church today either...and my excuse was a hair appointment (and I could have gone tonight too...but I didn't). Too tired of taking care of everybody else!

We got your Christmas card just fine, and we loved it! Hang in there, Christmas is almost here!

H. said...

Sarah, I DID get your Christmas letter and card and it was one of the best of the year! The letter to Santa was a really cute idea, and your perspective made me want to buy and play Twister with my kids instead of cooking and shopping and cleaning and whatever else....Thanks for a refreshing perspective for a familyish happyish nonbusyish Christmas!! Love ya and glad you are my friend.