Wednesday, December 31, 2008

um, thanks?

Last week Nate and I took advantage of my parents and left them with the children. We went to the temple and then out to lunch. Our lunching was tasty (though the service was less than adequate and everything was a bit more pricey than it should have been, hence I am not leaving a recommendation), and as we were leaving we decided to pay the bill up front in the bakery (lest we wait forever more for our waitress). I must digress at this point and tell you we were dressed up - Nate in a jacket and tie and I wearing one of my favorite dresses (this one being a cool magenta/purple color with black trim, an empire waist, and what some may call cool "kimono-style" arms) okay back to the story...

Just as we approach the counter, a very stylish Frenchman (it was a French bakery/cafe) emerges from the back (with a huge diamond stud earring btw) and takes the bill from Nate. He smiles in my direction and I realize he is looking at my boobs.

He then says (in a very French accent): Con-gra-tu-la-ciones (congratulations)
I say: "um, thanks" (because it has just dawned on me he wasn't looking at my cleavage)
He says: "When are you due?"
I say: (realizing what is going on, and Nate of course is not quite sure what to say or do)
"Um, June?"
He says: "Iz theez your furst be-bea?" (is this your first baby, for those of you who don't read French Accent Translation)
I say: "Well, no actually it would be my third."
He says: something to the effect that I certainly do not look like someone who would be expecting their third child
I want to say: Well, there's a reason for that. But I don't. And we smile and say good-bye.
Outside, Nate still hasn't recovered from the conversation he witnessed.
He says: "You usually are a bad liar, but you did really good in there."
I say: "Thanks, I just didn't want him to feel bad. He was really excited for me."

ps. for those of you not sure - NO we are not expecting - YES that really did happen - NO for some reason my feelings were not hurt - YES I did make reference to it the rest of the day telling Nate I had to put my feet up, etc - YES it is funny so go ahead and laugh


Another Duree Family said...

Oh Sarah... You handled that with much more grace and poise than I would have if I weren't preggo. However, I would have needed to "take the rest of the day easy" just the same, lol

Sorry I couldn't make it on Monday!! Hope it was everything you needed and more! lol

Natty by Nature said...

That happened to me once, but I did not take it as well as you. I guess it looked like my belly button was poking out of my shirt. The funny thing is that doesn't happen to me when I am actually pregnant.

Ollievie said...

That's too funny! I'm so impressed with you and Nate. Thanks for a good laugh.

Katers said...

Good for you Sarah. Knowing me, I'd start crying in the restaurant!

emily said...

hooo boy! That's awkward. At least he wasn't congratulating you on your boobs. That might just have been WORSE.


You DID handle that with grace. Truly!

emily said...

whooo-wee! That IS awkward! At least he wasn't really congratulating you on your boobs. That might have actually been WORSE.

And you DID handle that with true grace.


H. said...

Oh, no! I did laugh, but I'm sure my acqaintances have been looking at my first trimester pooch ever since K was born 2 years ago, wondering if it's ever going to blossom into a full-blown pregnancy. Those empire waists are deceiving though.

BTW, I'm still hoping to see you again before you take off to warmer climates.

Rita said...

I love your blog! Every time I get a hoot out of your posts. I should post more than just my baby. You will need to teach me how to can... oh no, are you moving?

Brittany Owens said...

I agree with Emily in that at least he wasn't talking about your boobs. Although, I think that would make your hubby pretty proud. I have had something like this happen to me, and I did not handle it as well as you did. That is funny that it took Nate a second to process what was happening. By the way, he rules at resetting broken toes.

Laura F said...

Too funny! Don't people know better than to ask those things?

I have been behing on blogs and didn't know you were all so sick over the holidays - I'm so sorry!!! And I'm right there with you about sending the kids back to school. Somehow I'm ready for a more normal routine that doesn't include spongebob at 8am. It's like vodka for breakfast somehow - it's just not right.

So, I need your phone number again, if you think about it. We're browsing Saint Louis neighborhoods and I need to pick your brain. It's so sad we'll be missing each other by so little! Do you know yet when you're leaving for sunny skies?

Kenmeer livermaile said...

He was just covering for looking at your boobs. Looking at a woman's boobies is one of the most sincere flatteries a man performs.

In my 20s, I made a point of always looking women in the eyes. With respect. You are a person, not a sex object. Women walked all over me.

One day, nature or something like biological sanity over and I became a flagrant booby-gazer. Women have been friendlier and more respectful of me ever since.

Just because a woman has a fine mind and caring soul is no reason to ignore the fact she also has a fine rack.