Monday, December 22, 2008

in spite of it all

Yes there was more sickness today. But I think we're past it all. Surprisingly, despite it all I feel kind of Christmasy. Do you?

Jimmy has been saying some cute stuff. I think I'll have to start a column just for him, any ideas what I should call it? Anyways, here they are:

Me: Jimmy you are Big Trouble.
Jimmy: I not-a Big Trouble. I-a Small Trouble.

I should note he often speaks with an Italian accent.

Me: Oooo Gracie, you have some big muscles. You are so strong!
Jimmy: Gracie not strong. Gracie smart.

1 comment:

Natty by Nature said...

I'm glad the sickness is departing. How can you not be cheery with such a funny little one?