Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sweating with the oldies

I'm not a fast runner. I used to be kind of fast at short distances. I used to jump kind of far too, but that was in another lifetime. I have feet that don't enjoy running (they were actually responsible for ending my fast running many moons ago). In fact after running these days they remind me about it until I ice them down and promise not to do it any more (I've been lying to them). But lately my knees have been getting in on the action and it is difficult to ice both knees and feet at the same time.

I think I now am officially a walker. It makes me feel kind of elderly to read that statement. Is there a cooler way to say it?

This morning I went on a hike through the trails on the cliffs (very safe, Mom) just to the north of the cove. I followed that with a long walk along the cove. I LOVED it! It was beautiful of course. But what I loved most was feeling so very alive and right there as a part of the cove itself. The seals were there. The waves were there. The crazy birds were there. I was there too.

I enjoyed it so much that I went on another walk this evening. Nate came home spent quality time with the kids and I ventured forth on the nature trail. I am always leery of seeing those deer, but they shied away this time. They must sense a competent walker (either that or I was singing to loud with the ipod).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

green justice

Grace is appalled at the notion that one can be pinched on St. Patrick's Day if one is not wearing green. It goes against her principles, her values, but most of all THE RULES.

She has decided to entice the would-be pinchers by daring to wear a long-sleeved green shirt over a non-green shirt. After arriving at school, she will then take off the long-sleeved shirt and see what happens.

She plans to single-handedly take the perpetrators directly to the principal (can we say narc or should we just accept this as a necessary step towards a future as an undercover FBI agent?) and then inform them that not only is pinching anyone against THE RULES, but she does in fact have on green unmentionables so they broke THE RULES for nothing. So there. Hmph.
As you can see in the above picture, this is not her first undercover operation.

Monday, March 15, 2010

the required essentials

4. pajamas
5. unmentionables
7. toothbrush and toothpaste
9. lemur
10. glittery lip gloss
11. pillow
12. one blanket (two agreed to stay home)
14. motorized hamster

Also a bag to carry it all, along with requisite gifts. She returned with these items plus a party 'soundtrack' which includes a new favorite of the children, "All the Single Ladies" by The Chipmunks.

Pure delight.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

3 things that have occured in the last hour

1. Conversation:
G: Y'know, there are Littlest Pet Shop toys sitting on the shelves just waiting for someone to buy them.
Me: Then let's let them keep waiting.

2. Theft:
Jimmy dashed into the other bathroom to steal (or borrow I suppose) the bathtub Barbies. He was very sneaky and quick about it. He made it quite clear he intended to use them instead of Grace.

3. Important Musical Discovery:
All the Single Ladies done by the Chipmunks should be avoided if at all possible

By this and the last posting, can you tell Nate is out of town? Thought so.

appreciation of salad

Thought I'd write up my salad I'm having for lunch:

red leaf butter lettuce
thinly sliced Ambrosia apples (my current fav)
thinly sliced Dubliner cheese
dried tart cherries
red wine vinegar
olive oil, e.v.

I like it so much I might even have it for dinner.

Friday, March 12, 2010

the essentials

This is a complete list of the items which were set aside for Grace's non-sleepover sleepover (also known as a "late-over") birthday party:

1. tape measure
2. hand-held video game
3. multi-color ball point pen
4. pajamas
5. unmentionables
6. various materials for a made-up game
7. toothbrush and toothpaste
8. Calvin & Hobbes book
9. lemur, a stuffed animal
10. glittery lip gloss
11. pillow
12. 3 blankets
13. The Friend magazine (church content)
14. motorized hamster (answers to 'Nugget')
15. Mini American flag
16. library book

After some discussion and debate, only 9 of the above items actually went to the party (along with the requisite gifts). Care to guess which the nine were? Answers will be posted tomorrow evening.

Please also note she is only going to be away from home for 5 hours. She also confessed to Jimmy she will most certainly miss him during this time.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

family home evening

Below is an outline of last night's Family Home Evening:

Opening Song (lead by Grace): "Do as I'm Doing"
This was done with a strange assortment of hand movements

Opening Prayer: Me
Second Opening Prayer: Jimmy, because he insisted
He blessed the food we had just eaten for dinner (well, he didn't eat any but I guess that is besides the point)

Lesson: Jimmy
This is his first lesson. It was "taught" based on a little booklet he received in Primary about Jesus. The point was supposed to be that Jesus loves us. These are the main points Jimmy highlighted (over and over and over again)-
1. There is a circle on the front of the book
2. Jesus is NOT praying in most of the pictures
3. The Cross looks like a "lower-case letter tee". He then instructed us about the letter "T". Evidently there are two letters t's - a BIG one and a lower-case one, this was emphasized by using his middle finger thrust skyward upon the pronouncement of the lower-case letter t and then his pinkie stuck out for the BIGGER letter T.
4. The letter T was discussed more and more. Especially the lower-case one, and the associate hand-gestures were utilized each time.
5. He then almost discussed the Snoopy characters that were on Nate's shirt, but this was quickly diverted by Nate putting a throw pillow in front of him. This pillow was also helpful to him as he would clutch it while trying hard not to laugh loudly.

Closing Song: (requested and lead by Grace): The National Anthem
This was done with much fanfare and dramatic movement

Closing Prayer: Nate
2nd Closing Prayer: Jimmy tried again, but we diverted him with the mention of dessert

Refreshments: Me

Activity Afterwards: Nate and I trying to control our laughter in front of the children