Tuesday, March 2, 2010

family home evening

Below is an outline of last night's Family Home Evening:

Opening Song (lead by Grace): "Do as I'm Doing"
This was done with a strange assortment of hand movements

Opening Prayer: Me
Second Opening Prayer: Jimmy, because he insisted
He blessed the food we had just eaten for dinner (well, he didn't eat any but I guess that is besides the point)

Lesson: Jimmy
This is his first lesson. It was "taught" based on a little booklet he received in Primary about Jesus. The point was supposed to be that Jesus loves us. These are the main points Jimmy highlighted (over and over and over again)-
1. There is a circle on the front of the book
2. Jesus is NOT praying in most of the pictures
3. The Cross looks like a "lower-case letter tee". He then instructed us about the letter "T". Evidently there are two letters t's - a BIG one and a lower-case one, this was emphasized by using his middle finger thrust skyward upon the pronouncement of the lower-case letter t and then his pinkie stuck out for the BIGGER letter T.
4. The letter T was discussed more and more. Especially the lower-case one, and the associate hand-gestures were utilized each time.
5. He then almost discussed the Snoopy characters that were on Nate's shirt, but this was quickly diverted by Nate putting a throw pillow in front of him. This pillow was also helpful to him as he would clutch it while trying hard not to laugh loudly.

Closing Song: (requested and lead by Grace): The National Anthem
This was done with much fanfare and dramatic movement

Closing Prayer: Nate
2nd Closing Prayer: Jimmy tried again, but we diverted him with the mention of dessert

Refreshments: Me

Activity Afterwards: Nate and I trying to control our laughter in front of the children


Kara said...

Wow. What an evening. It sounds like it was a spiritual feast for the ages.

Kristin said...

I laughed outloud! This is SO funny! I'm so glad you documented it! Wish you had pictures of the 'T' demonstration!

Janelle Dobson said...

That is hillarious. Can they come over and do an FHE for us?

Gina said...

How cute! I think that's awesome that you let Jimmy give the lesson.

Seriously... said...

that is awesome. you just inspired me to write up our FHE. No obscene hand gestures though....so it really doesn't compete.

amy said...

SO funny! i'm picturing it all in my head now & getting a good laugh. that jimmy of yours is so entertaining. love it!

Becky said...

"This Family Home Evening brought to you by the letter T!"

That's so funny!

GG/MOM/geny said...

Jimmy,you just turned four years and already teaching great FHE Lessons that would do for Sunday School, Sacrament Meeting talks or a Birthday Party!!..Maybe I'll book you for my 90th one. I have already told your POPS that I want fillet mingon and Black Forest Cake with all that cherry filling.
Yum---and you could be our Master of Ceremonies!!
You made an excellent point about our Saviour's Cross and Big T..
I will always think of that and our Saviour's sacred gift to us with Him giving all He had so that we might live with Him and our Heavenly Father, and enjoy all They have.. I am pleased you did not have a picture to illustrate this point but used your fingers...including the pinkie..we do remember all the Gifts of His hands...
I have family home evening also
..sometimes all alone here at home but three nights each month I meet with four other Sisters and so I will share your method of teaching with them. Do remember your Daddy always need a nice fat pillow to help him last through FHE..maybe that could be your gift to him each week..to bring him a pillow?
Do you think you might like to grow up and be a masterful teacher..a wonderful Professor? Any subject would be fine..Steel Construction, English, History, Astronomy..Medicine?? How about trains and railroads?? When you go back to Chicago, have your POPS take you to Chicago's Grand (main)Lobby of Chicago Train Station. You will be so impressed!! Throughly amazed. Take a camera with you. Years ago your POPS, Uncle Robin and I would take the train and go to South Carolina to visit part of my family and other times to Salt Lake City to see family there too.
Their favorite seats were at night time going to and from Salt Lake, up in the Dome Cars on upper level; looking at the undisturbed scene of heavens with stars so close, glittering so brightly you thought you could reach out and pluck one. Their second favorite place was in the Club Car playing cards..like Fish, Rook, etc..Robin was only three our first trip. We were placed at special card table and seats for the three of us..and could look out giant windows at scenry flying by. The boys always had orange or root beer to drink and never spilled on the cards!!
But I go now.. Take care of your family Jimmy..Grandpa Jim would LOVE to attend yur FHE. (So would I.)
Love-from-gg-by the seaside-in-Low Country-with-stars -shining-brightly-over-the-Atlantic-Ocean-but-you-should-see-the-sunrise-too!

Meredith said...

So very funny - I laughed 'till I cried!