Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sweating with the oldies

I'm not a fast runner. I used to be kind of fast at short distances. I used to jump kind of far too, but that was in another lifetime. I have feet that don't enjoy running (they were actually responsible for ending my fast running many moons ago). In fact after running these days they remind me about it until I ice them down and promise not to do it any more (I've been lying to them). But lately my knees have been getting in on the action and it is difficult to ice both knees and feet at the same time.

I think I now am officially a walker. It makes me feel kind of elderly to read that statement. Is there a cooler way to say it?

This morning I went on a hike through the trails on the cliffs (very safe, Mom) just to the north of the cove. I followed that with a long walk along the cove. I LOVED it! It was beautiful of course. But what I loved most was feeling so very alive and right there as a part of the cove itself. The seals were there. The waves were there. The crazy birds were there. I was there too.

I enjoyed it so much that I went on another walk this evening. Nate came home spent quality time with the kids and I ventured forth on the nature trail. I am always leery of seeing those deer, but they shied away this time. They must sense a competent walker (either that or I was singing to loud with the ipod).


Meredith said...

It sounds like your knees and feet will thank you. I love the walk too - better for the core muscles. And, it's tough to do the motions to "Mr. Roboto" while running (or so I'm told).

Ollievie said...

Sounds like some amazing walking! Why do our bodies think they can go and get old on us!? I'm constantly bemoaning my feet, my knees, my back, my joints, etc. And yesterday I pulled out 10 gray hairs! But then again, maybe the aching knees come with the wisdom to be completely present and content with God's creations? Whatever the case . . . happy walking :)

amy said...

sounds heavenly! if you're ever looking for a walking buddy let me know. :)

❦TattingChic said...

Hi Sarah!
Thank you so much for coming over to my blog to celebrate my blogoversary with me! I am so glad you did because then I could come on over and find you blog and find your witty banter about your knees and feet and it seems you actually have more energy than I do...no really!
You are entered in my tatting giveaway and good luck to you!
~TattingChic ♥

GG/MOM/geny said...

Darling, it is time to see a competent Orthepedic specialist while you are so young and things can be reversed back to #1 status. This not a joke, not even a suggestion but a prayer in my heart you will have a check-up. All may be ok, but you do need a professional to say so.
I regret I cannot walk the cove with you..how long is the drive from Phoenix? For sure, you will go to this place every so often..I will plan on going with you some day..
Had a special treat tonite..Black Walnut Ice Cream..in fact had bowl full twice! I could probably walk two coves with that much sugar energy.
G'nite for now from geny=by=the=Low=Country=sea=side=..plus=Carolina=Wren=building=nest=in=my=Sago=Palm=by=computer=window=..She=is all=3-1/2=inches=long.

Gina said...

Running is overrated. Your trail walk sounds heavenly!