Friday, March 12, 2010

the essentials

This is a complete list of the items which were set aside for Grace's non-sleepover sleepover (also known as a "late-over") birthday party:

1. tape measure
2. hand-held video game
3. multi-color ball point pen
4. pajamas
5. unmentionables
6. various materials for a made-up game
7. toothbrush and toothpaste
8. Calvin & Hobbes book
9. lemur, a stuffed animal
10. glittery lip gloss
11. pillow
12. 3 blankets
13. The Friend magazine (church content)
14. motorized hamster (answers to 'Nugget')
15. Mini American flag
16. library book

After some discussion and debate, only 9 of the above items actually went to the party (along with the requisite gifts). Care to guess which the nine were? Answers will be posted tomorrow evening.

Please also note she is only going to be away from home for 5 hours. She also confessed to Jimmy she will most certainly miss him during this time.


GG/MOM/geny said...

GG here..I am guessing #'s: 1; 5; 10; 12; 13; 15; 16. I did that quickly trying to go with my first I may be all wrong.
I did think suggestion would be made as to how much time she would have to read, or paint her lips, AND WAS THREE BLANKETS NECESSARY IN WARM SAN DIEGO?? etc.
But then, perhaps her brain would react totally oppposite of mine.
Would not be the first time. Love from GG/MOM/geny-who-is-not-walking-on-the-beach-thisnice-and-warm-Saturday-afternoon.
Soon tho it will happen. Right now I have to start cooking my corn beef for St. Pat's Day as I want to eat some tomorrow as well as Reat St pat's Day...Love to all and good health too.

Sally Morrison said...

Can't imagine how you talked her into taking only 9. I am sure she needed the lip gloss though. Did Jims survive her absence?