Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fall is here

I know that Fall is here because one isn't compelled to wear shorts today. I also know this because we had one of our favorite Fall dinners last night - butternut squash soup with wild rice and sausage. I would like to point out for the record that I used to not enjoy butternut squash in the least - in fact that would be true for all squashes (there are some now that I really quite like but that's for another day I suppose). One year Nate insisted on planting several butternut squash plants along our driveway. By the time Fall came around, they were actually overtaking our driveway. I suggested that if he did not redirect them, I would happily run them over. And I did - but only two! So it just goes to show a woman can change her mind and this recipe has helped me do just that. Its a bit involved, but makes a huge amount. And we love it. Hope you do too.

Monday, September 29, 2008

if you don't have anything nice to say...

It's been much too long since my last blog post. The reason for my blogging absence - just like your mom used to say "if you dn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Last week was the pits - full of anxiety, stress, with a touch of insomnia (something I had not experience before and thankful I don't have it on a regular basis!). I am happy to report that the stress has for the most part passed, the anxiety has left, and I am sleeping again at night. This makes everyone in my house pleased.

In other news, yesterday was the Primary program. Grace was one of 7 kids in the program, and if you were unable to see it you missed a great show. She not only belted out each song, she did hand motions and directed the younger kids on how to sing properly (mind you the song-leader was there doing just the same thing). The best was during one song that contains the word "grace." She kind of rolled her eyes up in some sort of weird serious face and pointed right at herself. Really hilarious. When it was her turn to give her lines, she just skipped right up to the pulpit. Then it was time for her to give a talk. Yes, the 6 year old gave a 2-3 minute talk discussing the prophets' propheices of Jesus' birth. Here are a few exceprts:

In the Book of Mormon Samuel the Lamanite said
"Yea Christ will come to the Earth and he will be our Savior."
And it came to pass the people that didn't like his teachings shot bows and arrows at him and rocks.
He told them:
"When Jesus will be born there will be a new star and there will be a day and a night and a night and a day and a night and a day and another night it won't get dark."

And another:
And Jesus came to the Earth and He taught the women and children to share and be happy and be nice to each other. Oh and the men to take care of their children and wives. And he taught them how to be reverent and about the Sacrament. And he blessed all the children.
And all these things came to pass.

Another highlight was Jimmy. He of course was not in the program, but squirmmed around in the pew between Nate and I and my parents. But he'd stop for every song and everyone of Gracie's lines and her talk. After each one he'd say, "Yeah, Gracie!!!"

So yes, I'm a gushing mom. But I loved it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008



I made this pie for my Grandma, one of the staunchiest Cubs fans you'll ever meet.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

stay right where you are

For those of you just dying to know why on earth I still have my braces on (because in your mind you were thinking they should have been off a year ago), I have news for you. Today was the day my ortho said I can be rubber band free for the next three weeks! Whoooo hoooo! There is of course a condition placed on this great news - my teeth cannot move. He took measurements and pictures, that way of course we can compare and contrast (how exciting, huh?) at my next visit. Then if all is well "we will discuss taking the braces off."

So to my teeth - Stay Right Where You Are!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

pitcher a wacie


We pass this billboard everyday on the way to Gracie's school. Think you recognize anyone in it?
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"free" time


Yesterday I convinced Kara to ignore her impending ironing and I chose to post-pone my laund-ra-fying for yet another day. Why would we chose to do such things? Well, its because the first breezes of Fall were blowing into the area (after incredible rainfall the day before thanks to the remnants of Ike) and we thought what better way to celebrate than by making some serious homemade apple pie.

Sadly the pastry chef of the house was needed more in the O.R.; however, I managed to get his flaky pie crust recipe out of him in between cases. Using his recipe (which up until that moment could "only be found in [his]head") Kara and I each made an apple pie. We made the crusts by hand (not even a food processor in sight), we peeled the apples by hand, we contemplated the best way to spice the pies, we filled the pies, and then baked them letting the apple-pie-ness fill the house. They weren't perfect looking, but they were a lot of fun to make and certainly much more fulfilling than laundry ever is. Even the Pie Doctor was impressed when he stumbled home late last night. He perked up long enough to have a significant piece and then almost immediately fell asleep on the couch (see picture in the post below).
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In honor of the Green service (and all of its "joys"), Nate has decided to grow a beard. I'm afraid by the end of the 10 week period I'll be calling him Grey Beard instead!
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I fine

One night last week the kids were in the tub, I was folding laundry in my room, and Nate was downstairs. There had been much giggling, splashing, and general bathtub fun when suddenly Jimmy calls, "I fine Mama, I fine. I fine Mama, I fine!" I run in to find his little nudie self greeting me at the door handing me something and continuing to say, "I fine." Looking for blood or any other indication as to why he might feel it necessary to assure me he's fine, I neglect to notice what he just placed in my hand. Then I realize - its poop! Grody. Yucky. Ack! It was one of those moments that clearly illustrates my lack of coolness. When hearing whatever sounds came from my mouth, Nate dashed upstairs and had a very good laugh with the children. I'm so glad they found it all entertaining.

Yesterday Nate began his Green rotation. Some of the ENT services have color names such as Green and Gold. Gold is a pretty nice service to be on. Lots of surgery, but most of the patients are generally healthy and the surgeries tend to be outpatient. Green is not so nice. There are tons of surgical cases, most of which involve removing large nasty tumors from people's heads or necks all-the-while avoiding their facial nerves or important arteries and things like that. Its intense and the hours are awful. The good news is that this is his last time to be on the service. The bad news is that he's the cheif, so the buck stops with him. The good news is that (taking into account his scheduled week of vacation) there are only 8 more Mondays left. The bad news is that we're in for it for the next two months.


Saturday I thought I'd take advantage of the fact that Nate was home and I did something I'd been wanting to do for years - I went to the Botanical Gardens all by myself. I've been to the Gardens countless times, but never alone. I went down paths that aren't stroller-friendly, toured an old Victorian home, stopped and read whatever signs I wanted, enjoyed the peace and quiet, and had a fabulous time. So now I'm geared up and ready for the next 8 Modays. I fine.
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Friday, September 5, 2008


....That was then

This is now......

The past few weeks have not been easy on any one's sleep schedule - Jimmy has seen to that. After much debate (which is difficult to do when running on minimal sleep), I came to the conclusion that perhaps he just would be more comfortable in his crib (than say a big pile of books on the floor). The first night the crib was back he not only slept through the night there wasn't any mischief right after he went to bed (which had been going on towards two hours a night) nor was there any early waking. He also is taking naps again. All in all we're feeling a bit marvelous.

I decided to include a slideshow of pictures of the kids sleeping taken over the past 2 1/2 weeks. Hope you enjoy. You'll note towards the end of his crib-less stint, Jimmy got very creative with his positions and props. One of my favorites was the night we found him with his brace propped up on an upside-down blue box, his leg supported by Duck, all while laying on his blanket. Priceless.

Monday, September 1, 2008

tasty testing & research

This weekend we went to a fabulous swanky wedding. To convince a newly married couple to watch J and G while we attended this very fabulous and swanky event, I promised to make them dinner. Their request: lasagna. I haven't made any in a long time and decided to try this one. I must admit it was pretty good, but it makes me want to find the best lasagna out there. So here's my request (I'm hoping you guys will play along), will you please send me your favorite lasagna recipe, or lasagna tricks, or lasagna dos and/or don'ts? I'll do some testing and research (well, Nate will do a lot of the tasting part of it I'm sure - when I told him about this idea he got extremely excited!) and then I'll post the results. So if you're game, it could be a tasty September!