Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I fine

One night last week the kids were in the tub, I was folding laundry in my room, and Nate was downstairs. There had been much giggling, splashing, and general bathtub fun when suddenly Jimmy calls, "I fine Mama, I fine. I fine Mama, I fine!" I run in to find his little nudie self greeting me at the door handing me something and continuing to say, "I fine." Looking for blood or any other indication as to why he might feel it necessary to assure me he's fine, I neglect to notice what he just placed in my hand. Then I realize - its poop! Grody. Yucky. Ack! It was one of those moments that clearly illustrates my lack of coolness. When hearing whatever sounds came from my mouth, Nate dashed upstairs and had a very good laugh with the children. I'm so glad they found it all entertaining.

Yesterday Nate began his Green rotation. Some of the ENT services have color names such as Green and Gold. Gold is a pretty nice service to be on. Lots of surgery, but most of the patients are generally healthy and the surgeries tend to be outpatient. Green is not so nice. There are tons of surgical cases, most of which involve removing large nasty tumors from people's heads or necks all-the-while avoiding their facial nerves or important arteries and things like that. Its intense and the hours are awful. The good news is that this is his last time to be on the service. The bad news is that he's the cheif, so the buck stops with him. The good news is that (taking into account his scheduled week of vacation) there are only 8 more Mondays left. The bad news is that we're in for it for the next two months.


Saturday I thought I'd take advantage of the fact that Nate was home and I did something I'd been wanting to do for years - I went to the Botanical Gardens all by myself. I've been to the Gardens countless times, but never alone. I went down paths that aren't stroller-friendly, toured an old Victorian home, stopped and read whatever signs I wanted, enjoyed the peace and quiet, and had a fabulous time. So now I'm geared up and ready for the next 8 Modays. I fine.
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Ollievie said...

Ugh . . . poop and baths is one of the worst combos! The pictures of the gardens are beautiful. I hope they sustain you for the next 8 weeks!

H. said...

Oh, I'd LOVE to go to the gardens there ALONE! I'm so jealous.

And sister, that poop story is way too disgusting. I am so sorry.

Jared said...

Gross! Good luck for the next couple of months. I love the pictures. The botanical gardens are beautiful there and that's one of the places I really miss in St. Louis.

Katers said...

OMG! Izzy did the exact thing to me last week at the hotel. Only she said, "look mommy" and handed me the turd! Luckily, I found a plastic cup to recive it and attempted to clean the hotel tub. Yuck.

Love that you can go to the gardens by yourself and enjoy it!

emilysigler said...

Vivian brings me her poop, too. She's so proud of herself for going potty that she has to show me. I don't take anything she hands me anymore. :)

How nice to enjoy the gardens. I hope the green service flies by.

emily said...

sweet way to end your post. Hang in there-- I'm glad you're fine.