Friday, September 5, 2008


....That was then

This is now......

The past few weeks have not been easy on any one's sleep schedule - Jimmy has seen to that. After much debate (which is difficult to do when running on minimal sleep), I came to the conclusion that perhaps he just would be more comfortable in his crib (than say a big pile of books on the floor). The first night the crib was back he not only slept through the night there wasn't any mischief right after he went to bed (which had been going on towards two hours a night) nor was there any early waking. He also is taking naps again. All in all we're feeling a bit marvelous.

I decided to include a slideshow of pictures of the kids sleeping taken over the past 2 1/2 weeks. Hope you enjoy. You'll note towards the end of his crib-less stint, Jimmy got very creative with his positions and props. One of my favorites was the night we found him with his brace propped up on an upside-down blue box, his leg supported by Duck, all while laying on his blanket. Priceless.


Natty by Nature said...

I love duck. Around our house we have Indio Bear who is Tyler's friend and Blue Bear who is Zac's friend.

Lindsay said...

Back in the crib! Hooray! More sleep for all. Happy day-no, happy nite!