Wednesday, June 30, 2010

time to go

We're bustin' out of this joint!

The movers come bright and early tomorrow morning.

Its time to say our last goodbyes.

Ensure our seatbelts are fastened.

We're beginning the journey to our new home.

We'll search high.

We'll search low.

We may even stop and ask directions.

We're prepared for some heavy lifting.
And are ready for the adventure!
Watch out Arizona, we're on our way!

Monday, June 28, 2010

too much

When your family looks like this, you know you have succeeded in having too much fun. We left after entering the park 16 hours earlier. Not bad for a day's work. Needless to say, it was a good day.

Also, word to the wise - if you pose for a picture with Goofy, please note that you too will look goofy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

induced by stress

When I'm stressed, I find some crazy solace in making cookies. It can be so bad, that most of Nate's residency we often had a LOT of cookies.

He would tell his hospital friends he dreaded the smell of freshly baked cookies at home because what it really meant was that his wife was hanging on the edge. Why the creaming of the butter and sugar can slowly ooze my angst away is beyond me.

I really haven't made many cookies this year. So when I broke out the mixer and the butter and sugar last week, the kids were more than delighted. Nate, not so much, but he was appreciative of a nicely turned out cookie.

For the record, that was last week. This week is much different. Also for the record, the movers come one week from tomorrow. I celebrated this by going to the beach this morning. I think I can make it back at least two more times during the next seven days.
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

our new obsession

The kids are now living and breathing Star Wars to epic proportions. Earlier this week Grace insisted on dressing as Princess Lea to go to school. Thankfully she chose her combat look (y'know, from Return of the Jedi, or maybe you call it The One with Those Ewok Guys). She wore a khaki skirt, a green shirt, had neat braids framing her face (which truly were so cute I think they will be a common 'do this summer), but we were stumped with the combat boots. We just don't have any. She went with long pink socks and Teva sandals. Somehow that brought it all together.

Jimmy has declared he is Luke because they have The Same Hair. The Luke and Lea that reside here have also constructed various light sabers (or Lite Savers, depending on what you choose to call them and what kind of importance you associate with them) out of wrapping paper and paper towel tubes. There is often much discussion as to how many buttons should be on each saber.

They have decided Nate is Chewbaca. I think this is fitting for various reasons such as - he is good at fixing things, does a great Chewy roar, and is the tallest in our family.

I can't decide between Obi Wan or Yoda. I may just go with Yoda as he is all knowing. But Obi Wan is pretty great with his Jedi mind games. Sometimes decisions are hard to make!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

loosing it

I have a lot to do. The people I hang with aren't that helpful. Nate is at the hospital more than he and I would like (a LOT more). This is leading to me loosing any marbles I may have left. It was suggested that I just plan on him not being around for the next while. With our without him, any plans I have have seem to crumble. These other two that hang with me seem to not be interested in the least in cleaning up, going through, tossing out, and packing things. Two weeks is an eternity when you are them. Two weeks seems an eternity to me if I calculate the amount of whiney-ness and sass I will most likely face.

PiƱa Colada, anyone?
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the sun is setting

Hard to believe in about two weeks we should be packed up and driving out. You'd think we'd have our moving plans solidified by now, I'm sure they'll come together in time. I think.

You'd think that Nate would be around more too, but they decided wouldn't it be grand for him to be on call half of his remaining days and the schedule his OR cases until after 5 p.m. and still have add-ons to do later.

If it weren't for the fact there are only 15 more days of this, I could very well completely loose my cool. As it is, I just keep dreaming about my soon-to-be backyard. And though I know it will be a 115 degrees in that yard, I still am so excited to have one!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

once upon a time...

I had a little boy. This boy had his own way of doing things.

One time we went to our Aunt Jordan's baby shower. There was a lovely cake.

My boy decided he liked cake.

He thought it best not to disturb others and just helped himself.
He liked it. A LOT.

And I mean, A LOT.

Umm, Sarah. Did you know Jimmy likes the cake?

Did he do this?!?!?!?!

Hey Mama, there's a big cake RIGHT THERE.
And it's good.
Real Good!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

trust me

He's a doctor, and a BOARD-CERTIFIED one at that!!!
Wooo hooo!!!
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

birthdays and dry ice

It turns out that some of the best presents you can give Nate are two clean & pj'd kids,

Homemade cards,

Lou Malnatis pizza,


dry ice!!!
Oh the fun, the fun, one can have with their kids and dry ice.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Looks like we just might have a home, albeit for one year, but we just may have it nonetheless.

Also, I love it when Nate makes pie.

The End
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Friday, June 4, 2010

flying solo

In just a few hours, I, myself, and I (and not either of the children) will be catching a flight to our new home-to-be-land: dry, hot Arizona. In the last 8+ years, I believe I have only had the privilege of flying alone once. This will be a welcome second. I should point out Nate makes a fabulous flying companion. However, he often reads medical journals and one never knows what one may see and wish that they certainly had chosen another time to look over and comment to him about the latest goings on in People magazine. Those pictures of his can singe themselves on your corneas and stay with you for quite sometime.

This also means that I, myself, and I (and not either of the children, and not Nate) will be finding us a home. I have about 72 hours to do it. Should be fun!

PS did mention the high in Phoenix on Sunday is a mere 108?!?!?!
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Thursday, June 3, 2010