Saturday, June 19, 2010

loosing it

I have a lot to do. The people I hang with aren't that helpful. Nate is at the hospital more than he and I would like (a LOT more). This is leading to me loosing any marbles I may have left. It was suggested that I just plan on him not being around for the next while. With our without him, any plans I have have seem to crumble. These other two that hang with me seem to not be interested in the least in cleaning up, going through, tossing out, and packing things. Two weeks is an eternity when you are them. Two weeks seems an eternity to me if I calculate the amount of whiney-ness and sass I will most likely face.

PiƱa Colada, anyone?
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Ollievie said...

Moving stinks . . . especially under the circumstances you described. If I find any marbles over here, I'll send them your way. But don't hold your breath since mine went missing quite some time ago and I've yet to locate them.