Sunday, June 20, 2010

our new obsession

The kids are now living and breathing Star Wars to epic proportions. Earlier this week Grace insisted on dressing as Princess Lea to go to school. Thankfully she chose her combat look (y'know, from Return of the Jedi, or maybe you call it The One with Those Ewok Guys). She wore a khaki skirt, a green shirt, had neat braids framing her face (which truly were so cute I think they will be a common 'do this summer), but we were stumped with the combat boots. We just don't have any. She went with long pink socks and Teva sandals. Somehow that brought it all together.

Jimmy has declared he is Luke because they have The Same Hair. The Luke and Lea that reside here have also constructed various light sabers (or Lite Savers, depending on what you choose to call them and what kind of importance you associate with them) out of wrapping paper and paper towel tubes. There is often much discussion as to how many buttons should be on each saber.

They have decided Nate is Chewbaca. I think this is fitting for various reasons such as - he is good at fixing things, does a great Chewy roar, and is the tallest in our family.

I can't decide between Obi Wan or Yoda. I may just go with Yoda as he is all knowing. But Obi Wan is pretty great with his Jedi mind games. Sometimes decisions are hard to make!


Sally Morrison said...

Jedi Warrior powers will be awesome as you make your move to Phoenix. Think of all of the possibilities....

Ollievie said...

The conversations at your house sound very similar to the ones at our house. I have chosen to be Darth Vader. Oliver is very concerned about my choice and is on a mission to convert me from the dark side. But if I wasn't already Darth Vader, I'd pick Yoda. Because he's little and green . . . and little green men, everyone loves. So if you're still deciding, I think you make a smashing little green man.