Wednesday, June 30, 2010

time to go

We're bustin' out of this joint!

The movers come bright and early tomorrow morning.

Its time to say our last goodbyes.

Ensure our seatbelts are fastened.

We're beginning the journey to our new home.

We'll search high.

We'll search low.

We may even stop and ask directions.

We're prepared for some heavy lifting.
And are ready for the adventure!
Watch out Arizona, we're on our way!


amy said...

so happy you had such a wonderful time at d-land...SO sad to see you leave SD. we'll miss you guys!!! thanks for all the fun play-dates/chats at the park & beach(at least the last 2 weeks). PLEASE come back & visit!

The Lunts said...

So excited for you guys! I hope the move goes well, I know it'll be a crazy couple of weeks, so call me when you need a break. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

The picture of you on the roller coaster reflects how you must really feel. Excited and challenged to keep your cool. Enjoy all you can. Remember the sunshine, pool, hot tub and great backyard is awaiting you!

Ollievie said...

I would say "Have fun!" - but it looks like you've got that down ;) So instead I'll just say: Drink lots of water. It's hot in Arizona ;)

Katers said...

Wishing you a successful move! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one of you on Space Mountain!

Bake Party of 6 said...

Sarah, I enjoyed catching up and reading your blog this evening. Excited for you guys and your new life in Arizona! So grateful for the time we had in San Diego together and the opportunity to get to know you. Bummed I moved away and missed beach days with you. Good luck with everything!

H. said...

Welcome to your new home, Sarah! I am so glad I finally had a minute to catch up on your last month's worth of blogposts. I'm sorry you were going crazy for a bit, and I was right there with you. Once you're settled, let's catch-up!I want to hear about your house!