Wednesday, June 23, 2010

induced by stress

When I'm stressed, I find some crazy solace in making cookies. It can be so bad, that most of Nate's residency we often had a LOT of cookies.

He would tell his hospital friends he dreaded the smell of freshly baked cookies at home because what it really meant was that his wife was hanging on the edge. Why the creaming of the butter and sugar can slowly ooze my angst away is beyond me.

I really haven't made many cookies this year. So when I broke out the mixer and the butter and sugar last week, the kids were more than delighted. Nate, not so much, but he was appreciative of a nicely turned out cookie.

For the record, that was last week. This week is much different. Also for the record, the movers come one week from tomorrow. I celebrated this by going to the beach this morning. I think I can make it back at least two more times during the next seven days.
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Jordan Page said...

I want some of your cookies!!! They look SOO good and poor Bubba married a wife who refuses to bake.

Sally Morrison said...

I think if you have a sweet little boy who looks so charming I would make him cookies too. Forget the stress; just have cookies for fun and the sweet little boy face.

Natalie said...

it could be worse. you could make meatloaf whenever you were stressed... i mean, it's one thing to make a couple dozen cookies and take them down. but you can only eat so much meatloaf.

im just saying.