Friday, June 11, 2010

once upon a time...

I had a little boy. This boy had his own way of doing things.

One time we went to our Aunt Jordan's baby shower. There was a lovely cake.

My boy decided he liked cake.

He thought it best not to disturb others and just helped himself.
He liked it. A LOT.

And I mean, A LOT.

Umm, Sarah. Did you know Jimmy likes the cake?

Did he do this?!?!?!?!

Hey Mama, there's a big cake RIGHT THERE.
And it's good.
Real Good!


Anonymous said...

To bad he's not in Chicago right now. There was a 50lb cake in the shape of the Stanley Cup. He could have done some damage to it! Plenty to go around though.

Kev and Chels said...

really? did he eat all that?

sarah said...

Most of it was cut and served to others, but he did manage to get quite a bit himself!

Ollievie said...

my kind of kid! i love the picture of you pointing at the cake.

GG/MOM/geny said...

Shades of Chicago..where your have a formal Kindergarten Graduation with lots of food and special cake; then Grammar School Graduation with lots of food and really special cake..and you could invite who you wanted to.. parents could not invite any friend either. Everyone at that point knew nothing could be girls barely existed except to be a problem (Later High School would be very differant.) Robin wanted just the boys as they would play games, laugh at their funny, sometimes dumb jokes girls would never grasp, etc..and then High School Graduation. When you went to all depended on that school.
For Grammar School Grad, Robin told me the food he wanted..(lots of fried chicken and ribs and Mom, your potatoe salad would be all we need then..but MOM's always add extra..) so he ENDURED some veggies AND A HUGE CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH JUST HIS NAME AND YEAR WRITTEN ON TOP AS HE RREQUESTED. They ate so much food they could not do the dessert thing and headed out to back yard again for more rough and tumble games plus any weird joke they could think of. Tinker had other ideas..I decided to go out to check on the boys..see if they wanted lemonade out there..were they ready for the cake too???.. and as I went thru dining room, Tinker was on food touched but he had just finished licking all the choclate off one half as if he was using a ruler to tell just how even to make the swipes; I screamed, he jumped down and disppeared..Jim came running and after laughing at the "smart dog with choice appetite.." (I was ticked.)
Then I really noticed. One half the cake was totally perfect. I cut and served that to the boys..they thought the cake better as "Tinker had tasted and made valid point how great it was." Later they found Tinker, had him in the back yard and kept rubbing his back and saying great dog, great dog, etc.
Gosh that was a little time ago.
But Jimmy brought a special memory to my mind. By-the-sea-by-the-special-sea-side-in Low-Country-with love and hugs..MOM/GG/geny