Thursday, April 24, 2008

missouri girl

This post is about our spring break trip we took several weeks ago. As usual, life has gotten in the way of timely posting!

Who's the boss? That seemed to be the theme of the trip from Gracie's angle. She had so many "plans" that it was hard to stay on course. But somehow we managed (this was manly done when she was asleep or when we told her where her next meal was coming from). She loved visiting the Hallmark Center (where you can make bow after bow after bow on the bow-making-machine while your Mom is busy chasing down Jimmy and your Dad is busy reading plaques and being "educational") and Kaleidoscope (this crazy, fun place where they let kids get wild with their imaginations using Hallmark's leftover card stock, ribbons, and Crayola everythings). She was fascinated with our state capitol (Jefferson City or "Jeff" as the locals call it). And loved our nature hike. And ate an amazing amout of chicken tenders. And ketchup. And French fries. Gracie also was "helpful" when she would insist on navigating with the use of her map (often it was the map of downtown Kansas City, even though most days we were far from KC). Incidently, Grace has asked many times when we can return to Kansas City - you'd think its because she had a terrific time there - yes she did - but its really because she wants to get some more Silly Putty that came from the Crayola Store. Oh how I love thee, Missouri Girl!

Friday, April 18, 2008

schooled and shaken

Today I experience something I don't remember ever experiencing before - and earthquake! Yes, one right here in the Midwest. It was a 5.2, so all of you from California may think that isn't so note-worthy, but it certainly is here. It woke us up and lasted for about 30 seconds. Everything just shook. Very weird.

And in other news (not related to the above): a utility company put up a new utility pole behind our house in the alley. This was very exciting becuase it involved many trucks and workers wearing constructions hats. Jimmy was thrilled. At one point they got ready to use a giant drill. Thinking this might interest Grace, I called her over to the window. She nochalantly sauntered to the window, casually pushed me aside, looked out and said, "Yeah Mom, that's an auger drill." And then went back to whatever it was she was doing. An auger drill!? What?! Do most 6 year old girls know about heavy industrial equipment?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the stuff dreams are (not) made of

Today I did something I never in my life dreamt I would do - I spent the better part of an hour removing Silly Putty from some bed sheets. Thankfully they were not my bed sheets, but they were Gracie's. Who knew that Silly Putty - the stuff Nate and his brother used to throw at their moving ceiling fan just to see where it would land - the stuff that used to let you "copy" news print - the stuff you could do just about anything with and it would come right up and fit back into its tiny little egg-shape home - would adhere to sheets! It turns out it also likes carpet and various other fabric and fibers too. So Mothers (and Fathers) Beware!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tour of Missouri - Jimmy's take on the trip

Planes, Trains, Automobiles (or Trucks), and Elevators

These are the things Jimmy loved most about our trip. Well, and the cows too. He watched Missouri fly by his car seat window and was thrilled whenever he saw any of the above. He took great delight each and every time we entered an elevator. And of course we even saw some trains up close a few times (KC has a LOT of trains). Here's a few pics of our Motoring Man in MO (you may wonder why I include the one of J's back and Gracie's smiling face in this particular post - it is because he was too busy looking at the trains below to bother turning around to say "Cheese!"). Stay tuned for more MO!

Monday, April 7, 2008

mary, mary quite contrary

That sums up Grace these days. But really what I'm looking for is what would YOUR garden grow? This weekend we worked our back forty (well, really a plot that is 12x16 feet, its a lot bigger than we thought it was before we decided to use a manual tiller than a cool, power one). We've got a few things planted and planned for the garden, but I would love any suggestions from you! Leave them in the comments or if you'd rather, sent me an email. Happy Gardening!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

shopping is a dangerous sport

Warning - this contains personal information that I am rather embarrassed about

Last week while on our Spring Break Trip (The Page Tour of Missouri - don't worry a post will come to detail our adventures) I inevitably ended up shopping; and while doing so I tripped on a step and completely sprained my ankle. It is a sad state of affairs that my children have such a clumsy mom. I would like to point out however, that it was because Grace was hanging out of the car window (thankfully the car was parked) and Jimmy was waving wildly to me, that I did this. There, now you know.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

six buck phone

So just as I pull up to Gracie's school, Kris (aka "Nana") calls my cell phone and says, "Sarah, you are not going to believe this. We just called Nate (side note- Nate was in transit to SLC for Grandpa Beck's funeral) and someone else answered." To make a long story short, the Someone Else who answered the phone actually bought the phone from some dude at a Jack in the Box in a very crummy part of the city this morning. This Someone Else ended up being a very nice, elderly gentleman who felt terrible that he had bought stolen goods. Nana convinced him to return to the said Jack in the Box and leave the phone with a manager or something so I could pick it up. In the meantime I was convinced Nate was either a.) dead or b.) riding back and forth on the Metrolink unconscious because in my mind he was obviously mugged on his way to the airport at 6 this morning (why oh why must we jump to conclusions?!).

I somehow managed to keep composure as I dropped Grace at school and chatted with another mom (really my Guardian Angel for Kindergarten) who readily agreed to traverse to the sketchy part of town to pick up the phone. I called Someone Else (it took him a few times to successfully answer the phone) who happened to be going to drop it off and he agreed to meet me there. In the meantime, we stopped at Guardian Angel's house to change a probable poopy diaper (thanks James), loaded car seats into her mini van (oh, sometimes I really covet a mini van!) and headed East. In between the diaper and loading into the mini van, I actually talked to Nate (he and Coby met up in the SLC airport and thankfully Coby's phone hadn't been stolen!) and after a burst of tears and crazy rants (if you really want to know it went something like this "Nathan, are you okay? Are you alive? Where is your wallet? Do you have all of your credit cards? Are you sure? Are you okay? Are you sure you are okay?" and so on like that). Also, I should mention my Guardian Angel gave me a lovely silver can with red and black lettering to drink, which always seems to sooth my nerves. Oh and she had seat warmers in her van too. Sweet!

Okay, back on topic. We arrive at the sketchy location. She remains in the van with the children (our youngest ones as the oldest are slaving away in Kindergarten) and I head in. I find Someone Else and here is the miracle - he was like a cross between Grandpa Beck and my Grandpa Jim. He was kind, jovial, refused any money I offered him (which was more than six bucks), and wished me a nice day. Thanks to him (and my Guardian Angel and I suppose my diet Coke) my day is pretty good. Whew.

passed off

Grandpa Beck passed away this past Saturday morning. It was expected, though it was still so sudden (if that makes any sense). This is Nate's mom's dad. He was one of the "Shirleys" (as both he and Grandma Beck shared the same first name). I've known Grandpa for 14 years and I'll never be able to hear a pitch pipe (he was a world (or at least nationwide) renowned member of a barbershop quartet and was always singing something), eat a homegrown ripe tomato (his were some of the best), or face a plumbing problem (yep, he was a terrific plumber by trade) without thinking of him again.

Grace has been telling people "Well, my Grandpa Beck passed off on Saturday." Its an interesting way to say it. I guess he's passed off this step and is on to the next.

We sure do miss you, Grandpa Beck.