Friday, April 18, 2008

schooled and shaken

Today I experience something I don't remember ever experiencing before - and earthquake! Yes, one right here in the Midwest. It was a 5.2, so all of you from California may think that isn't so note-worthy, but it certainly is here. It woke us up and lasted for about 30 seconds. Everything just shook. Very weird.

And in other news (not related to the above): a utility company put up a new utility pole behind our house in the alley. This was very exciting becuase it involved many trucks and workers wearing constructions hats. Jimmy was thrilled. At one point they got ready to use a giant drill. Thinking this might interest Grace, I called her over to the window. She nochalantly sauntered to the window, casually pushed me aside, looked out and said, "Yeah Mom, that's an auger drill." And then went back to whatever it was she was doing. An auger drill!? What?! Do most 6 year old girls know about heavy industrial equipment?


Jared said...

All your comments about Grace are so funny! Chalk it up to what she has "picked up off the street." Every once in a while Tonya will amaze me with some fact that I had know idea she knew anything about and that's where she says she learned it. :-)

My parents live in middle TN and I think they had some tremors out there. Somewhere around 5 am Dad woke up hearing knock-knock-knock coming from downstairs and then it repeated a minute later. He said it sounded like someone was knocking on a downstairs window. Creepy!

Lindsay said...

Grace is quite the woman! She needs a tool belt.

And yippee on the earthquake! A 5.2 is a good one-I bet it shook things pretty well out there.

Love you guys!

H. said...

How did Grace know that? These kids are amazing! Also, I love the pictuer of the kids sleeping on your spring break trip. Was that when Nate interviewed in KC?