Tuesday, April 1, 2008

passed off

Grandpa Beck passed away this past Saturday morning. It was expected, though it was still so sudden (if that makes any sense). This is Nate's mom's dad. He was one of the "Shirleys" (as both he and Grandma Beck shared the same first name). I've known Grandpa for 14 years and I'll never be able to hear a pitch pipe (he was a world (or at least nationwide) renowned member of a barbershop quartet and was always singing something), eat a homegrown ripe tomato (his were some of the best), or face a plumbing problem (yep, he was a terrific plumber by trade) without thinking of him again.

Grace has been telling people "Well, my Grandpa Beck passed off on Saturday." Its an interesting way to say it. I guess he's passed off this step and is on to the next.

We sure do miss you, Grandpa Beck.

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H. said...

My condolences to you all.