Friday, June 4, 2010

flying solo

In just a few hours, I, myself, and I (and not either of the children) will be catching a flight to our new home-to-be-land: dry, hot Arizona. In the last 8+ years, I believe I have only had the privilege of flying alone once. This will be a welcome second. I should point out Nate makes a fabulous flying companion. However, he often reads medical journals and one never knows what one may see and wish that they certainly had chosen another time to look over and comment to him about the latest goings on in People magazine. Those pictures of his can singe themselves on your corneas and stay with you for quite sometime.

This also means that I, myself, and I (and not either of the children, and not Nate) will be finding us a home. I have about 72 hours to do it. Should be fun!

PS did mention the high in Phoenix on Sunday is a mere 108?!?!?!
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Ollievie said...

I wish you a happy flight . . . free from anyone hanging on you, screaming at you, or revealing disgusting pictures to you. May you have good airplane neighbors, who don't wish to talk, stay in their own space, and smell good. And have fun finding a house! 108? Yikes!