Saturday, July 10, 2010

feeling hot, hot, hot

It was only 112 today. It was also slightly humid. Yes, really it was. And it rained for about 2 1/2 minutes.

In other news, we are here in our new house. There is enough cardboard and paper here to drive a somewhat rational woman insane.

Our pool is awesome. I love it almost as much as I love our cactus garden. I love having a garage where we can park both cars. I love saying to the kids, "go to your rooms" and then they go and can't bug each other anymore because there is a wall separating them - awesome. I love saying to the kids, "go outside," then they actually go outside. It is amazing. They have consumed a lot of popsicles in the last few days. And each one was outside! I also love our sweet new fridge. Silly to love a fridge, but I do love it. I love our neighborhood. I love our neighbors who introduced themselves to us and seem quite happy to have us as neighbors. I love having enough space for everyone (and once we get these boxes empty we'll have space for everything).

There you have it. Now, if you don't mind I might just go and turn my a/c down a bit. Its cooled down a little bit - only 98 degrees at 11:23 p.m.


Anonymous said...

The time has come! I have always told you that I am planning to lay around like a slug by your pool. Can't wait:)

GG/MOM/geny said...

You love all the right things; you know how to be miserable with the miserable things..I think you have a great handle on the whole deal already..The kids think Christmas arrive early I am sure..What is the Doc up to? Does he have work days this week or waiting till next?
Paper and cardboard sure help making fires for s'mores in back yard..(or bar-b-q-ribs.) I am eating all the fresh basil I want out of the yard..especially with local grown tomatoes..So many thousand fresh veggies, berries AND fruits to choose from. So many Celestial days already!!!
I did get my lawnmower back from loving neighbor who does not want me to cut grass..and had a full hour of fun..broke that up into two 30 minutes stretches..I waited till neighbors left for work or on beach and one took cats to Vet in Mt Pleasant, some went to work and I had the entire neighborhood to myself with wonderful ocean breezs reacing Goose Creek..humidity just right, heavens so blue tried to have purple just walk behind a mower that moves along and you just guide, and no body asked "May I do that for you?" Most times I let them..but there is joy in a body that can do some things..from time to time. No full schedule yet... I do remember years ago of "pushing mowers." As I said, Celestial days do happen.

Janelle Dobson said...

You have arrived my friend. Congrats. You give hope to all of us!

amy said...

a room for each of the kids, a garage for both cars, a pool and a back yard...sounds like a dream!! so glad to hear that you're adjusting and loving life there. we do miss you.

i can't say that i would love the heat. although the fact that the temps there were basically double what they have been here the past week...maybe i'd take it. at least you can enjoy a popsicle or two b/c there is actually summer there! ;)

Jordan Page said...

A) Jealous of the yard B) Jealous that you have rooms galore C) Jealous that you have popsicles. Those sound so good right now. D) VERY jealous of the pool.....but so happy for you! Can't wait to see your place sometime!

Mary said...

Congrats! So glad to hear that you're moved in and enjoying the new place. We were down in Arizona last week (though the northern part) and I was thinking of you. We miss you guys!

Laura F said...

So jealous of your pool!!! when can we come visit? :-)

So, I haven't been checking blogs much, but I didn't see any hawaii pictures here. has it been that long that they're back pages now, or did you skip that episode? Miss you guys a lot! Grace would have loved beauty and the beast at the muny this year. :-)

Ollievie said...

Sounds like a dream! A pool, a fenced yard, lots of rooms . . . air conditioner! The Germans don't believe in a/c - even though it has been between 90-100 for over two weeks. I hope the mass of packing paper has diminished and that you are now lounging around your pool eating ice cream and taking frequent breaks into the a/c house.

H. said...

Hooray for new homes and lots of space!! Can't wait to catch up at some point. And I echo the other friend---did I miss Hawaii?