Tuesday, March 16, 2010

green justice

Grace is appalled at the notion that one can be pinched on St. Patrick's Day if one is not wearing green. It goes against her principles, her values, but most of all THE RULES.

She has decided to entice the would-be pinchers by daring to wear a long-sleeved green shirt over a non-green shirt. After arriving at school, she will then take off the long-sleeved shirt and see what happens.

She plans to single-handedly take the perpetrators directly to the principal (can we say narc or should we just accept this as a necessary step towards a future as an undercover FBI agent?) and then inform them that not only is pinching anyone against THE RULES, but she does in fact have on green unmentionables so they broke THE RULES for nothing. So there. Hmph.
As you can see in the above picture, this is not her first undercover operation.


Ollievie said...

That's funny stuff! Please report on operation Pinch Out. It could be very interesting :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to have an explanation of their outfits. Is that Jimmy's new cowboy hat?

Becky said...

How did the experiment turn out?