Friday, April 2, 2010

do you believe?

I cannot tell you how happy I am it is Friday. Not just Friday, but the Friday before Spring Break. We (the children and I, at least) do not need to be roused by an alarm clock for many days.

The last few weeks have been busy, hectic, and rough for Nate. Is it something in the air? are the ocean currents off? is the moon out of alignment? So many kids have been really sick and more of them have been swallowing things they shouldn't - coins, small batteries (super-bad, so bad that please, right now, make sure you have none w/in your kids' reach - the internal burns they cause are just awful), one baby even swallowed the mesh part of an ear-bud! Not an easy removal. With all of this, the dept's case load has increased and then weird emergencies have been added on top.

And what is looming ahead? B O A R D S . The BIG ones. The ones I'm trying to figure out how he can wear his testing pants under his suit (for a brief explanation, please click here and read the last paragraph. For an amazing photographic experience, please click here). The ones he has to fly all the way to Chicago to take. The ones that can make or break you. The ones I dread. (Please note I said "I." He of course isn't approaching them with near the trepidation I am, and I'm not the one taking them!).

Next week is G's spring break. The kids and I are headed across the desert once again. This time our mission is two-fold: 1. allow Nate a few nights without any Honey or Daddy distraction (I know those are his favorite kinds of distractions, but stapes, mandibles, frenulums, facial nerves, and ossicular reconstruction are current priorities), 2. maybe, just maybe find a place to live. There are so many homes for rent, they would love for us to move in yesterday.

So wish us luck and believe, dear readers, B E L I E V E in the power of the testing pants.
Btw: Good thoughts sent his way are currently being accepted, and highly sought after on the days of April 16 and April 18.


Katers said...

I will be thinking of Nate (but mostly you as you give yourself an ulcer with worry). He is a rockstar and will rock the exam!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Dad and I are planning to take him to a Himilayan restaurant for dinner. Yes, Himilayan.

kim said...

wow, you guys sound really busy and have a lot on your plate. i am thinking of you and wish Nate and your family the best best best of luck!!!
I had my baby boy today and now I am waiting patiently while I go out of my mind in the middle of the night at the hospital. Oh, well. I will get through it and at least he is so so adorable. Check out his pictures on my blog. Good luck!!

Ollievie said...

Those pants are AMAZING! How could anything go wrong with them on your side :) We'll keep Nate (and you) in our prayers. Have fun house shopping!

John said...

Sew the pants into the liner of the dress pants! Give my best to Nate and tell the kids I said hello.

The Lunts said...

So, in my head right now I've got the scene from Mulan when the Eddie-Murphy-dragon is asking if Mulan believes in miracles, and I want to yell at the top of my lungs..."I BELIEVE!"

Nate will do great and you'll find the perfect house, it will be an amazing week!

Becky said...

We will be sending lots of good vibes your way!
Thank you for bringing up the thing about batteries- I realized that I hadn't really seen them as much of a risk- but after your comment, I did a little more reading and was shocked to learn that 10% of kids who swallow the button batteries die. YIKES! Thanks for helping keep us safe!

Steven said...

Nate and family, Best for the boards. I hope all goes well. I'm not sure about believing in pants, but I do believe a prayer can help. Take care, Steven and Karen Truscott.