Saturday, March 1, 2008

turnips and naptime

For some reason Grace decided it was high time she try eating a turnip. This decision came to her in the produce department at the grocery store. She happily picked one out, proudly gave it to the checker, and then asked for her very own bag so she could carry it to the car. So the pressure is on - how do you cook a turnip so a 6 year old kid likes it (for the record, this grown-up doesn't like turnips and I don't think the other grow-up in the house cares for them either!). Any and all suggestions are welcome. I did find one from Paula Deen and if you are interested yourself in turnips, click here to give her recipe a try.

Jimmy and Gracie are both supposed to be taking a nap right now. Jimmy generally does this daily, but today decided to interrupt his nap with a lot of poop. Now, I don't like poop, and I certainly don't care for it during naptime! Grace earned her right to a nap by acting like a two-year old when it was time for us to leave the Kid Area at the community center (this is a fabulous place that has a great gym, pool, and library and they let you leave your kids in a fun, well-supervised area for up to two hours at a time). She has graciously accepted her fate and has only gotten up twice (so far).

Nate is taking a Super Big Exam today. It is a yearly exam and is a pretty big deal. The great thing is that after this one, there is only one more - next March. Ever since college (and rumor has it in high school, but I don't know if the practice was set then) he wears Testing Pants. These pants (I hope to get a picture posted of these soon but in the mean time please enjoy a picture of Grace sleeping in the car taken two years ago in honor of Nap Time) were fashioned after Zubaz pants. These pants have been worn during every final, board exam, shelf exam, inservice exam, etc. in the last 13 years. And seeing that Nate has finished college, medical school, and most of his surgical residency during that time - that is a lot of tests. There is some sort of mystical power in the pants. Yes, the pants are tattered, have some paint splatters (before the power of the pants was known, they were worn while painting Benjy Grover's parents' house Navajo White), and are terribly faded. But the power remains. I guess we'll have to figure out how he can have them on when his Oral Boards come around in a few years. So today he is wearing comfy sneakers, cushy socks, testing pants, a bright blue Superman shirt, with an ancient BYU sweatshirt. Certainly by now his hair is askew and he is totally unshaven. (Paints a nice picture of a Medical Genius, don't you think?)


Kara said...

How do you get the pants to the Oral Examination? Turn them into a classy pocket square. This also necessitates transforming the testing pants into Testing Capri's or shorts.

Sheri said...

Jenna says that "those testing pants are sooo ugly". Sorry Nate but Jenna spoke!

Anonymous said...

I actually saw someone wearing a pair of pants just like those. They were walking down the street and I could see them from quite a distance. I think the power lies in casting an illumination on the test that makes it clear as to the answer. Hopefully, the individual I saw was on her way to take an important test and did on it.