Friday, March 21, 2008

pink isn't always the best

Yesterday, the last day before Spring Break, the day of the Easter party and parade at school, Grace woke up with something pink - Pink Eye. AHHH Nooooooooooooo! She never had it before, so to be honest I wasn't sure if that's what she had. But with several consulations with Drs. Mom and others (the surgeon nonetheless was actually in surgery, so he wasn't helpful to the situation at the time) we decided to go to the pediatrition and have her checked out. Grace and Jimmy did the Yeti Stomp in the sick kids waiting room (generally the kids in that room are pretty lethargic) and bounded off to the exam room. Grace expained her blight to the Nurse Practitioner and pretty much indicated that particular day would not be a good day to have pink eye because she had other things to do. The NP took a deep breath and said that she was sorry, but Grace did have "A Pink Eye" (which is what Grace has been saying since then - I have a pink eye! Oh dear). Gracie welled up with tears and just cried and cried. It was so sad. The NP almost cried. There came a glimmer of hope when we learned if we started the eye drops asap, there would be a chance we could join our friends today for a picnic and the promise of acquiring a new movie - The AristoCats. But it was just a glimmer. Life got a little better when all her friends were in school and she was outside riding her bike and blowing bubbles. And then when Daddy came home from work at 4:00 (yeah, can you believe it?!), things were great. She also took great delight in checking on "The Madness" with me and updating our brackets.

But this is my favorite line of the day: She said, "I don't want a pink eye!" and I said "But pink is a such a great color" and she said, "Not in your eye!!" Yeah, she's right.


Katers said...

What a bummer! We've had pink eye with Izzy 3 times (first time was Christmas morning 2006), and not only have I become an expert at diagnosing, we have a stash of antibiotics from our doc so we can get her on it ASAP. Not fun at all! Sorry Gracie missed her big party, but sounds like she made out okay!

H. said...

I love that you can be so positive: "but pink is such a great color!" I need to work on that whole silver lining business.