Wednesday, March 12, 2008

menu items

So for those of you who have been devoted readers, you may have been wondering what awful thing has happened to us in the last 10 days that has prevented me from blogging. I am happy to report, that absolutely nothing which is noteworthy has occurred! The children have been relatively well-mannered, Nate has been home more than he was in the last quarter of last year, and I've been able to go out and have some fun!

In other (non) news, we've been getting some menu input from Grace. Saturday she requested we eat "hot dogs and rutabagas." Can anyone say, MMMMMMMMMMM? So of course we somehow managed to eat salmon, spinach and rice (don't worry, we shared some cheesecake for dessert to outdo our diet-plate-like dinner, and as a side I would like to point out that one should not be tempted to order one of those giant slabs of carrot cake from the Cheesecake Factory - it is tasteless and bland and eating shredded carrots on top of cardboard smothered in straight-up Crisco would taste just about the same and be much more economical). However, the kids enjoyed the salmon and Jimmy kept asking for "Moe Haught Dowg". Apparently he was convinced the salmon was a hot dog. Well eat up my friend, eat up.


Katers said...

Ah, youth! Izzy thinks all meat is chicken. "Yes, more chicken please!" is something we hear all the time!

Allison said...

I think the cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory is overrated. Maybe I just need to find the right one?