Friday, February 26, 2010

sometimes I forget

Life just keeps moving at warp speed. How is it that we have an eight-year old? Are we really that old? Sometimes I forget she's not 6 anymore. Sometimes I forget I'm more towards my mid-thirties than my mid-twenties.

We're only a few months away from the end of quite an era. Sometimes I have forgotten that this whole medical training experience (ahem, just a mere 10 years post-college of grueling training) is only "temporary." I have tried hard to stop and soak it in.

Jimmy is now four. That means we made it through his club foot treatment. What was so hard and seemed that it would last for so long (casting and bracing and years (yes, really years) of sleepless nights), is now over. Sometimes I catch myself and realize we made it through. He can walk and climb and jump and run and get in trouble with the best of them.

These are a few things for me to remember because there are just some things not worth forgetting.


kim said...

That was such a sweet post. Time does fly and it is nice to be able to remember! You guys are so wonderful and I am very glad to know you!

The Lunts said...

If it helps, I still think of Grace as 6 and Jimmy as 3.

ps - your countdown widget was inspiration for my countdown widget and I was just lucky to find a homer x-ray.

Gina said...

You're amazing. I had an epiphany in med school, that the more I wished for this process to be over, the more I was wishing myself older. A sad realization. I guess it's all about accepting the fact that "normal" is life now.
How sweet for Grace's baptism!

Sally Morrison said...

Sniff...great memories; though some tough moments. You inspire me. I miss you:)

Ollievie said...

You are seriously cool ;)

Ollievie said...

P.S. I tried Leonidas chocolates this weekend . . . YUM!

GG/MOM/geny said...

How beautiful she (Gracie) is. How so very beautiful Sarah is and Nate so very handsome. I love what I could see of her white dress under her sweater..Thank you for her white dress. The flowers so special..who had the priviledge of buying them? Wish it had been me. I was sad not to be there but grateful I could be home after important hospital-surgery event that helped me. I was baptized at age ten. My Mother made my white dress. My new dress for my "new me" was narrow(quarter inch stripes) of pastel yellow, pink, green, grey, lavender stripes to remind me of Joseph and the beautiful coat his Daddy gave him at a very special age. I thought about my baptismal location: at Buffalo Beach on Reedy River in city of Greenville; upstate South Carolina. (Yes, buffalo used to roam here in South Carolina..those who arrived here in Charleston found them after first settlers in 1670.)
At end of my interview to be baptized..two brothers, (one was President of Greenville Branch, about 25 members..)asked one more question: "Why did I want to be baptized?" I remember distinctly telling them" "I want to be like my Mama." They looked at each other and replied: "That says it all, no more questians." And she was our wonderful Mother, a real angel that still loves us so much. Gracie, you have the same kind of parents. I am so thankful to be part of your life.