Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my girl

This little ditty seems rather fitting:

Grace turned 8 last Saturday. It already happened, and I still wonder how it is I have an 8 year old. The Tuesday before we were excited to hear we have a new nephew. Seeing his pictures remind me so much of that baby I had eight whole years ago, how life changing it was, and has made me stop and think about things. So I guess I've been rather contemplative lately. And now to top it off, Jimmy is going to turn 4 next week! This will be the first winter Olympics in a long time that I've not been up in the middle of the night with a newborn.

This Saturday Grace is going to be baptized. We are so excited to have so many members of our family coming to celebrate with us. We've decided to do a double birthday party for the kids. We (that would be Nate and the kids) are joyously anticipating the event, while some of us (that would be me) are trying to stop our eye from twitching at the thought of entertaining and feeding all of our wonderful guests. I should probably just stop and smell the roses, because as the last eight years have taught me time is just going to fly by.


Ollievie said...

it doesn't seem possible!

i remember our little girls playing in the bathtub together . . .

happy birthday grace! and congratulations in advance on being baptized. way to go girl!

p.s. my eye is twitching for you ;)

p.s.s. it stinks that i can't watch you tube videos in germany - something to do with copyright laws.

The Lunts said...

LOVE it! Happy Birthday Gracie!